My name is Oisekhiyobomen Tiffany Omoike, In September 2021, I got admitted into the university of Wolverhampton for a 12-month postgraduate study in International Tourism and Hospitality Management. I had mixed feelings, one of excitement and trepidation, given the seven years gap between my undergraduate study and returning to school for postgraduate studies, though having gained good work experience in between. In spite of my strong motivation and desire to further my education, I was however anxious about the challenges of living in a new country, experiencing a new culture as well as the need to adjust to the fast and intense rigours of class work, research and personal studies. My fears and anxieties soon became less of a concern given the friendly and supportive approach my lecturers took to delivering their classes, with good guidance and directions offered.

Regardless of my six (6) years of professional work experience in the hospitality industry, the courses I took gave me brand new perspectives of the dynamic world of hospitality and tourism as it provided me with in-depth knowledge of the current trends, challenges and management practices in the sector and gave students the opportunity to be co-creators of some of the modules which gave me a “personalised” experience of contemporary and global issues in tourism and hospitality. I also acquired knowledge of new aspects of tourism, developing recently in the industry. I gained further practice insights through exposure to relevant industry focused conferences such as the ITT FUTURE YOU and the VISIT BRITAIN event which featured a brilliant range of industry experts who provided career tips, guidance and an opportunity to build my professional network. A workshop on MODERN SLAVERY, identified as a one of the major challenges in the sector also provided me great insights on how the sector contributes to human trafficking but also on what the sector could do in raising awareness and reporting incidents. Another highlight was the field trip to ATTINGHAM PARK which exposed me to one of the biggest nature reserves in the United Kingdom that also provides career opportunities in the sector.

I would also like to mention that the course teachers are deeply knowledgeable, passionate and supportive in ensuring a fantastic teaching and learning environment with great learning outcomes for students. The integration of analytical activities and formative tasks into class activities imparted me with life-long lessons, skills and capacity that would help grow my career. I have also acquired good analytical, collaborative and managerial knowledge and skills which are significant for my current role as a hospitality supervisor.

My overall experience has provided me with an opportunity for further studies at postgraduate level as the university offers a 20% discount for current students. With the support of the career’s team, I was able to rebrand and tailor my CV, access the career support and advice for final year students’ and my academic coach who has enabled me with counsel on further study and research options, graduate level job schemes and general career opportunities.