Faculty of Science and Engineering

In order to maintain our role in the economy, the regeneration of the Black Country and to meet national and global demand the University is committed to growing its base in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 
This is of paramount importance for the rebuilding of the economy. The Black Country is the home of much of the manufacturing base and it needs a strong vocational university to support it. 

The traditional science academic disciplines lay the bedrock for much of the applied curriculum.  There is an opportunity for the University of Wolverhampton to move further into the ‘hard sciences’ and provide a quality learning environment for students who may not otherwise be able to enter STEM courses.

In short, the University of Wolverhampton has committed to build a distinctive Science Base and to become the Widening Participation science HEI in the broader region by further building relationships and developing a curriculum based on ladders of progression.

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