How to make a donation

We want our alumni to be proud of their alma mater and the work that we're doing to provide the best experience for students and opportunities for all.

You can help us to achieve this vision by making a difference in a number of ways. Whether that's through our volunteering or mentoring programmes, or giving back by supporting one of our key invesment projects, every little bit helps.

You could help to change the landscape of our University, support pioneering research or help future students access education. Find out more about:

To find out about other opportunities to help, please contact: We thank you for your generous gift, and hope you take pride in the impact that it will have.



The University of Wolverhampton is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, so you can make a donation with confidence that we will treat your generosity in a legal, open, honest and respectful way. 

You can learn more about the Fundraising Regulator on their website

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