Network and Infrastructure Service

Connecting computers and mobile devices to share resources and information securely

This service provides the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the ICT service and the glue that holds it all together. Together they are provided, hosted and supported by IT Services to enable the University network to function.

They include:

  • Authentication services for securely accessing the network.
  • Network Directory Services e.g. Domain Name Service (DNS) for the domain of the Internet and Microsoft Active Directory which holds information about the University network as a whole.
  • Allocation of network addresses to PCs, servers and other IT equipment.
  • Wired and wireless data and voice networks.
  • Moves, additions and changes to the fixed data network including servers, switches, routers and cables.
  • Network security control, e.g. firewall, proxy servers, port security etc.
  • Web services for corporate websites and external projects.
  • Backup services for corporate business systems, email and personal storage servers.
  • Freewire TV for students living in University Accommodation.
  • Wireless printing service.

More information

For all other enquiries, please contact the IT Service Desk on (01902) 322000 or extension 2000.