Research Highlights

The University of Wolverhampton conducts groundbreaking research that will have a real impact on the way we live our lives. More than half of our research is considered internationally excellent or world-leading by the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021), in a body of research that included submissions to four new subject areas and 75% more staff than in REF 2014.

Among our successes, the University:

  • was the first in the world to discover one of the processes in the body that can cause type 2 diabetes
  • delivered breakthrough research into brain tumours
  • developed Europe’s first metal laser sintering machine
  • conducted a world-leading analysis of web content and traffic.




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Research brochure

You’ll find details of some of the academic research the University is responsible for in our research brochure. The brochure showcases the often extraordinary and life-changing work of our research community, and our new edition will be released very soon covering our most recent successes.

We are exceptionally proud of the groundbreaking research our colleagues undertake, the range and importance of topics their academic research includes, and the successes of the work.

Once the full details of REF 2021 are released, we shall be proud to reveal our more recent research successes.