Learning and Teaching Technology Service

Helping to support student learning in teaching rooms

The provision and support of teaching technology equipment in centrally timetabled teaching rooms, including data projectors, PCs with internet access and basic sound facilities.

This service includes:

  • Provision of standard equipment in all centrally timetabled teaching rooms.
  • Advice on purchasing of equipment and purchasing of support for non-standard equipment.
  • Advice on compatibility issues
  • Advice on support implications and provisioning
  • Collaboration with Schools to install equipment required for some subject specific teaching.
  • Support for all centrally timetabled teaching rooms where equipment is fixed.
  • An escalated support service for "Class in Progress" calls can be accessed via the AV Hotline available in centrally teaching rooms using an IP Phone.

More information

Report an equipment fault by using the AV Hotline in centrally timetabled rooms with an IP Phone, which automatically prioritises your call with the IT Service Desk.

For projects managed through Facilities speak to the Capital Project Manager.

For all other requests, please contact the IT Service Desk on (01902) 322000 or extension 2000.