We have a full range of software and applications for students and staff to use on campus or at home.

The University Software List

This is an A-Z listing of all University licenced software for on campus and home use, and is the first place to look for particular software. The Software List tells you how to get the software and on what device. (You will need your University email and password to access it.)

AppsAnywhere on your own laptops and on-campus PCs

Over 200 applications are available to use on the University PCs across all campuses. You can find AppsAnywhere as an icon on the PC desktop or in the start menu. Simply click and launch.

More than 70 applications are now available for students from AppsAnywhere on your own laptop/PC, but please bear in mind that most of these Windows applications will only work on a Windows device. For software available to Apple/Mac devices, please visit the Software List.

To access them, open a browser and go to https://appsanywhere.wlv.ac.uk and log in with your normal University credentials. You will then see a message asking you if it’s the first time you have used AppsAnywhere on your device. It is important that you select the blue box if it is the first time. Download and install the Cloudpaging player, after doing this you will be able to select an application you require and launch it in the normal way.  

Please be aware that for the first 3-5 minutes of running some of the apps, they may show a decrease in performance as the application downloads in the background, to prepare for use. After this the performance picks up to normal. 

Microsoft 365

The full suite of Microsoft applications like Outlook for email and Calendar, Word for creating documents, OneDrive for storing and sharing documents, and Teams for chat and video, is available to all staff on their University device and to students using a personal PC/laptop. 

If using a University device, simply log into https://office.com with your University email address and password. Once logged in you will land on a screen that displays all the application icons. Simply select and open.

Students can add Microsoft Office 365 to your PC or laptop, you can do this for up to 5 separate personal devices. Once logged into https://office.com with your University email, you will notice a tab at the top right of your window that says 'Install Office'. Select the first option 'Office 365 apps' and follow the on-screen steps to install and run. If using a tablet or mobile phone, you can access all of the Office 365 suite by installing the individual applications from your usual app store.

The University software download catalogue 

If you are looking to install software like SPSS or NVivo for example, onto your own laptop, you can do this by visiting the University’s software download catalogue, logging in and selecting which software you wish to download. To download SPSS you will need to follow the instructions carefully as it is a three step installation process as well as a code to activate the software. 

Software available to all FSE staff and students

Software applications available to purchase for personal devices at a discounted rate to all FSE Full-Time employed University Staff and students can be bought from https://onthehub.com/

These include applications for VMWare.

Please note: If you need assistance please use the help system available from OnTheHub.

How to use OnTheHub:

  • Please access from your personal device, not your Staff device.
  • Click on “Find your School” and type in Wolverhampton.
  • Choose University of Wolverhampton – Science and Engineering.
  • Then register. 

Once you have registred an admin will activate your account once your eligibility has been checked.

The standard software installed on all University PCs may be used for any legitimate University purpose.

If you plan to use any University owned software for any paid-for activity, including use for commercial courses or professional activities, you should check the software licence terms with the Software Asset Manager.

All software is subject to copyright legislation https://www.wlv.ac.uk/about-us/governance/legal-information/policies-and-regulations/#useo)

Aa well as licencing terms and conditions for on campus and home use.

If you experience any problems with the download facility please contact the Service Desk at itsupport@wlv.ac.uk

If you are looking to request software or an application that is not currently in the University's software catalogue, you can do so by contacting the IT Service Desk using itsupport@wlv.ac.uk

In your email please include the following items:

  • In the subject line please add 'New software request'.
  • Tell us what you will be using the software for i.e. teaching, research...
  • Describe why this product would suit your needs.

Please bear in mind that Faculty’s and Departments are responsible for funding additional software and all applications are assessed for suitability and then discussed with Faculty finance prior to approval.