Policies and Regulations

Note to Staff: Please notify the University Secretary Directorate ( of any changes to the information linked below. All links below open in a new window.

Academic Regulations

Admissions Terms and Conditions 2018 (Word doc 85k)

Advice on Providing References for Students (PDF)

Code of Practice for University Assessment Boards (PDF)

Code of Practice for the Management of Changes to Modules and Courses (PDF)

Code of Practice for the University of Wolverhampton Students' Union (links to page) or download policy as PDF (PDF)

Ethical Principles (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF

Personal Tutor Policy 2016-17 (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Regulations and Procedure for Academic Appeals (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF

Academic Appeals Form (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Regulations and Procedure for Academic Misconduct (PDF)

Procedure for the Management of a Viva in Cases of Suspected Academic Misconduct (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Policy on Maintaining Academic Integrity (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF

Postgraduate student guide for important information for new students

 Research regulations (inc Research good practice and Research degree regulations)

Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) - links to the Student Enabling Centre

Students' Union Membership Terms and Conditions (Byelaw 1) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF

Student Voice Policy (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF

University Examination Regulations for Students (Word doc 42k) 

U‌niversity Examinations Guidelines for Staff - this document is currently being updated. Contact Examinations and Timetabling:

Undergraduate, Foundation, Taught Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate Regulations see also

Undergraduate student guide for important information for new students 

University Assessment Handbook: Code of Practice on the Quality Assurance and Academic Regulation of Assessment (PDF)

University Assessment and Feedback Principles (PDF)

University Performance Descriptors (PDF)  


Tuition Fees

Tuition Fee Liability 2018-2019 (PDF) 

Fee Status 2017-8 (Word doc 101k) (Word doc 101k) (Word doc 101k) (Word doc 101k)

Tuition Fee Liability 2017-18 (Word doc 124k)

Equivalent or Lower Qualification (ELQ) FAQs 2017-8 (Word doc 108k) 

Refund and Remedy Policy (Word doc 60k) 

Use of Facilities and IT

Acceptable Use of IT Facilities (PDF) (opens in new window)

Accessing IT Accounts Policy (PDF) 

Accident investigation guidance & Accident report form (staff only) - see Health & Safety pages

Accommodation Licence Agreement Conditions of Residence

Closure of the University or a Campus in abnormal circumstances (PDF) 

Cookies policy - links to University cookies page

Encryption Policy (PDF) 

Ethical Investments Policy (PDF) 

Exclusion of Liability for Personal Property (PDF) 

Fairtrade Policy (PDF) 

Identity cards (policy is being updated)

Information Security Policy (PDF) 

Learning Centre Use Policy (PDF) 

Premises licence policy & procedures (PDF) 

Using IT resources - for regulatory guidelines and legislation see Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (PDF) 

Staff-Only Documents

Confidential Waste Removal (PDF) 

Disclaimer and copyright

Health and Safety web pages

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE Collection Request Form (Word doc 39k)




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