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Your IT Account Password


No University staff, including IT Services, will ever ask for your IT Account password.

If you are concerned that your IT account has been compromised, please contact the IT Service Desk using as soon as possible.

There is a new Self Service Password Reset system

To register for the Self-Service Password Reset system, which allows you to reset your IT Account password without contacting the IT Service Desk, go to the 'Self-Service Registration' tab below. You can do this without changing your current password, but setting this up, means you can change it when you do need to without help from the Service Desk.

To Change your password

If you know your current password you can update it at any time.  If you have any concerns that your account may have been compromised you must change it as soon as possible. 

If you are off campus or using any other device, you can use this portal.

If you have problems with your password reset, please contact the IT Service Desk by email using

Note: Once you have changed your password it can take up-to 10 minutes before you can log back onto a standard University computer using your new password.


If you are on campus using Windows on a University managed machine:

Press Ctrl + Alt Del keys on the keyboard, select Change a password.    

You will be prompted to enter your current password, your new password and to confirm your new password.