Your IT Account Password

IT Services at the University will never ask for your IT Account password.

If you are concerned that your IT account has been compromised, please contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 2000 or 01902-32 2000.

How to change your IT Account Password

It is important to choose a password that cannot be easily guessed, and Microsoft offers advice on choosing a strong password.

Using a computer on campus?

Standard Staff or Student Network

If you are using Windows on a secure desktop, you can change your own password by logging onto a computer with Windows and selecting the Ctrl, Alt, Del keys on the keyboard, then Change Password.

Staff using a standard University laptop can also use this method, so long as you are plugged in to the network.

Wireless Network

If you are using the University wireless network, use the online form.

Wired Network in University Accommodation

Use the online form.

If you have problems with this, please contact the IT Service Desk on ext.2000 internally, or 01902-322000 externally.

Using a computer off campus?

If you are connected to the Internet, you can use the online form.

Services affected by the password change...

  • Logging on to University Windows desktops and laptops
  • Exchange/Outlook and OWA
  • Office365
  • Canvas
  • PebblePad e:Portfolio
  • Personal File Store and Webdrive
  • Shared file space on central servers (usually the I: drive)

Services NOT affected by the password change...

  • Corporate Systems, such as SITS, QL, Kx, IRIS
  • Shared space on local servers, (usually the I: drive or V: drive).


  • You need to know your current password in order to change it.
  • Once you have changed your password, it will take about 10 minutes before you can log back onto a standard University computer using the new password.

What to do if you forget your IT Account password

NOTE: If you just want to change your password, and you haven't forgotten the current one, just go to the Changing your account password page.

The self-service password reset service enables you to reset your password yourself if you forget it. If you are using a University Windows system, you can do this at logon. If you're working off campus, or using your own computer or a Macintosh, you can do it at a University web site.

You need to have answered the five identity questions that pop up when you log on to a University computer in order to reset your password yourself.

How to Reset your Password on a University Windows PC

  1. Before you log on, press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys together to display the logon screen.
  2. Click the Reset Password link.                                                                                                                            
  3. Give your answers to the identity questions.
  4. Choose a new password.

How to Reset your Password on anything else

  1. Use a web browser to go to
  2. Enter your IT username prefixed with "unv\".
  3. Give your answers to the identity questions.
  4. Choose a new password. 

Password Reset (FIM Password Reset Registration)

The self-service password reset service enables you to reset the password on your IT Account if you forget it. It works by asking you to supply answers to some questions. The questions are the same for everyone, but only you know the answers you gave to each one. If you give them correctly, the system accepts that as evidence of your identity and allows you to change your account password without giving the current password.

To make all this possible, you have to start by providing your answers to the questions. This is the registration step. You can register using a student University Windows PC using software installed as part of Windows, or you can register from any other PC (inside or outside the University) via a Web site.

How to Register with FIM using a University Windows PC

Most times, if you log on to a student University computer and you haven't yet registered your account for password reset, the initial FIM Password Reset Registration screen will pop up. This won't happen every time, but it will keep trying every day or two until you complete the process:

1. Enter your IT Account username (prefixed with "unv\") and password.

2. Answer the five questions. Three of these will be randomly used to identify you if you forget your password.

You will see the answer to each question as you type it in, but as soon as you move to the next question your answer will be replaced with an asterisk. Then click Next:

How to Register with FIM from any other location/device

To register for password reset from any other computer, inside or outside the University:

  1. Use a web browser to go to
  2. Click Next and it will ask you for your IT username (prefixed with "unv\") and password. If you are already logged in to the University network, it will just ask you for your password:
  3. Enter the credentials to get the question-and-answer screen:
  4. Click Next to finish the process, once you have filled in all the answers.