The University wifi - we use eduroam

Like most universities, we use eduroam for our wifi. It is free, and after initial set-up, great for roaming around campus and other universities.

To get set up you will need to be connected to the internet, either using your mobile data, your home wifi or the guest wifi network on campus. And your University email address and password.

You can get all your devices set up to connect before you come onto campus!

Connect your iOS/Apple and Windows devices

To get your iOS, MAC and WINDOWS devices connected to eduroam, please visit, use the manual search box to search for the University of Wolverhampton profile, install this profile and then log in using your University email address and password.

Connect your Android devices
For ANDROID devices, before you do anything else, please make sure you have removed any existing eduroam profiles and then go straight to Google Play.
1. Search for the app called 'geteduroam', install and then open it.
2. In the search box enter 'Wolverhampton' and select the University of Wolverhampton profile and click 'Next'.
3. Enter your University email address and password. 
You should now be connected to eduroam and be able to use it wherever it is available.
Issues with eduroam on an Android device
If you find you have issues with using 'geteduroam', please use the other eduroam app called 'eduroamCAT' in the Google Play store. This app is for older Android phones. 

There are two networks for staff and students, and one for visitors. They are: