Wi-Fi - we use eduroam

Map of the global coverage of eduroam

Like most universities, we use eduroam for our wifi. It is free, and after initial set-up, great for roaming around campus, other universities and in countries all over the world.

To get set up you will need to be connected to the internet, either using your mobile data, your home wifi or the guest wifi network on campus. And your University email address and password.

You can get all your devices set up to connect before you come onto campus and then you just need to sign in!

IMPORTANT: you can install the geteduraom app using your home network, but you will need to sign in to eduroam once, when you are first on campus.

For mobile phones or tablets, go to your usual app store:

1. Search for the app called 'geteduroam', install and then open it.
2. In the 'search for an institution' box enter 'Wolverhampton' and select the University of Wolverhampton profile and click 'Next'.
3. Enter your University email address and password. 
4. Sign in with your University email and password.

To get your laptops connected to eduroam:

  1. Visit https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=187
  2. Click on the blue 'eduroam' button, this will download the correct profile for your operating system and device. 
  3. Open up the downloaded file and click through the on screen prompts. 
  4. Enter your University email and password.

All University networks for staff and students to use: