What are the other networks?

There are also two other networks available in most parts of the University:


This is for University-owned laptops. It gives them the same access to University services as desktop systems connected to the University wired network. Non-University devices can connect, but will get the same experience as if they used eduroam.


This is for University-owned Cisco wireless phones.

It is set up to give them the best service possible, and other devices can't connect to it.

Connecting to wlvstaff

Advice for staff on connecting a University owned laptop to the University wireless network.

The staff wireless network is wlvstaff, which is a secure network that offers access to the same facilities as a secure staff desktop.

To connect to wlvstaff:

  1. We will configure the network for your laptop when it arrives. If that doesn't happen, please contact the IT Service Desk (01902 322000 or internal 2000) with your laptop’s ITR number. To find this – right click on My Computer, select Properties, then Computer Name. Once that’s done…
  2. Make a wired connection to a staff network outlet in the University (e.g. in your office).
  3. Log in using your University IT  username and password.

Staff cannot connect a University owned laptop to Wolfradiolan (the student network) without intervention from Digital Services, so please contact us using the IT portal.