Researcher Development

The University of Wolverhampton is committed to the continuous development of its researchers. Research is at the heart of the University’s mission to educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the common good. As such, the development of our researchers – whether staff or student – is a priority, and the University is constantly developing the support systems, processes and activities that encourage our researchers to flourish in an environment of meaningful, impactful and world-leading research. The University strives to support researchers in many different ways. It provides central support for identifying and bidding for external funding, as well as offering research seminars, workshops and conferences throughout the year.


Concordat to support the career development of researchersSupporting the Concordat 

The University of Wolverhampton strongly endorses and supports the principles of the UK Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, and this is exemplified by the many activities underway within the University which demonstrate our commitment to our researchers and their broader skills development. 

If you wish to find out more about the Concordat in action please visit the UoW Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers webpage

Training and professional development

The University of Wolverhampton has an engaging and extensive staff development programme. For more information visit the Organisational Development webpages

As part of this work, the Doctoral College organises a comprehensive Research Supervisors Development Programme (RSDP) which ensures we have a well trained and experienced pool of research supervisors. To supplement this a new canvass topic for supervisors is currently in development and details will appear here soon.

The Early Researcher Award Scheme (ERAS)

The University of Wolverhampton ERAS Scheme identifies and supports members of staff who are at the start of their research career. A new cohort of ERAS Fellows is selected each year.

There are two elements to the scheme:

  • An individual research project that will yield outputs in terms of publications, further research and/or development of funding opportunities.
  • A support programme to develop and enhance wider research-related skills through workshops, action learning, mentoring and progress reports. 

To find out more about the ERAS scheme visit

Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research Survey (CEDARS)

The University of Wolverhampton takes part in biannual CEDARS (managed and supported by Vitae) that gathers the anonymous views and experience of researchers in UK higher education institutions.

To find out more visit the CEDARS webpage