Tailored consultancy that matters to your business

University Consultancy Services

Tailored consultancy that matters to your business

If you have a specific business challenge you would like help with or need expert advice and guidance on a business topic, the University of Wolverhampton can help you via consultancy with one of our leading academics. Our academics are practitioners with experience of business and we are proud to identify those that are at the fore of latest developments in a particular topic. This means they are keen to work with you. Your knowledge, plus our expertise will make a difference to your business.

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Benefits of using the consultancy services of the University of Wolverhampton

  • Gain unparalleled access to cutting-edge research supported by renowned academic experts and state-of-the-art facilities
  • Valuable advice on all aspects of consultancy work to guide decision-making and maximise success.
  • Gain a direct connection with the University of Wolverhampton, fostering collaboration and access to academic resources.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive package combining consultancy services and additional support as needed for your business.


Why external engagement is important for us

The University of Wolverhampton leverages its knowledge exchange activities to generate wide-ranging benefits for the local economy and society. These initiatives help to enhance the University's reputation for delivering exceptional teaching and groundbreaking research.

The University actively supports our academics in engaging with industries, recognising and utilising their existing strong connections to regularly provide valuable expertise and advice to external organisations.

Praxis Auril members

We are a proud member of Praxis Auril, the University of Wolverhampton embodies a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and impactful knowledge exchange. The University of Wolverhampton is proud to be a cornerstone of the West Midlands, providing education, knowledge exchange and innovation services to business and the wider community at home and abroad. Our local community influences and inform our priorities, and together we are providing exciting opportunities and progression, new jobs and technology, including Degree Apprenticeships.

We have world-class researchers helping to advance knowledge and address real-world problems in areas including the health of aging populations, sustainable development, and cyber security, as well as other specialisms across our research centres.

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UK Government Spin Out Review – Adoption of Best Practice Statement July 2024

The University of Wolverhampton is supportive of the Spinout Review and committed to updating our policies and processes (subject to institutional governance approvals) to better align with the review recommendations. To support our ambitious growth in KE, the University of Wolverhampton are working to ensure that the institutional support structures and IP policy framework provide the necessary foundations in line with current good practice.

Key changes and developments currently under review include:

  1. Undertake a fundamental review of the existing suite of IP policies to ensure that they are appropriate and that they reflect the needs of the institution, faculties and students
  2. Ensure that the policy framework consultation exercise embraces the range of institutional perspectives and ensuring that all EDI considerations are fully addressed
  3. Engage and consult to garner community feedback related to any prospective amendments or improvements deemed necessary to the policy framework
  4. Garner external information and HEI sector benchmarking surrounding IP processes, procedures and KPIs underpinned by data
  5. Implement an internal training programme to develop the research and KE community in commercialisation, IP and  spin out
  6. To proactively identify high value collaborations with like-minded HEIs within the sphere of technology transfer and commercialisation to share good practice

University consultancy services with our academics

The University’s academic staff are available to work with businesses as consultants on a variety of projects. From academic support to help you remodel your strategy to support on business issues such as the delivery of new products and services our academic staff are here to help.

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