Mobile Device Services

Keeping you working on the move

Configuration and support for a range of standard mobile devices for use on the University network, wired or wireless, on or off-campus, including laptops, tablets (iPads, Surface RT and Surface Pro) and mobile telephones.

This service includes:

  • Advice on the best mobile device to purchase to meet a business need.
  • Provision of supporting infrastructure enabling connection to the University wired or wireless network.
  • Setting up supported devices with standard University software and security.
  • Non-standard or personally owned mobile devices are supported on a reasonable-endeavours basis.

More information

Tablet Devices

This service includes:

  • recommended tablet devices
  • support and information
  • purchasing advice

Recommended Tablet devices

The University recommended tablet device is the Windows 8 Surface RT, instructions are provided to help you setup your new device and get it connected to University resources including the wireless network, university email and calendar and University documents.

Other tablet devices that you may wish to use include the iPad and the Windows 8 Surface Pro, support provision for all three tablets is detailed below.

Support and Information

Support is provided for the Windows 8 Surface RT tablet and your use of it. Requests for support should be placed through the ITS Service Desk either by telephone on Ext 2000 or by email to

Setup instructions are available on our Self Help web pages.


Windows 8 Surface Pro tablets are not recommended or supported. If you have purchased one of these devices through the University we can provide you with Microsoft Office 2010 which you can download and install yourself. You can access the software download page here, you will be required to agree to terms and conditions for use.

If you think you need an iPad for university use we will be pleased to discuss your requirements. Contact the ITS Service Desk who will be able to put you in contact with the most appropriate member of IT Services to assist you. Support is limited to the device, we’re not able to provide support for, or make recommendations on, specific apps.

Alternatively, you can contact the Service Desk on (01902) 322000 or extension 2000.