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School of Psychology

  • 91% of students were pleased with the teaching on their Psychology course, NSS, 2023.
  • Studying Psychology with us will enable you to gain a degree accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Our distinctive blend of teaching, applied learning, work experiences, and cutting-edge facilities will help you develop an understanding of human behavior and prepare you for your career. This accredited course allows you to study in cutting-edge facilities while being taught by professional staff who are thrilled to share their knowledge! This course also includes placement opportunities with our partner networks.

Introduction to Psychology

The School of Psychology

We are the School of Psychology in the Faculty of Education, Health, & Wellbeing, the professional home to over 50 teaching and research staff, bringing a broad range of interests and experience to benefit students learning on our portfolio of courses.

Our School is recognised as one of the leading providers of Psychology education, using innovative teaching methods focussing on the application of scientific and theoretical principles to the study of people’s lives. Psychology staff are grouped into a variety of highly active research clusters through our Centre for Psychological Research, publishing in the latest academic journals and working to make a real-world impact on people’s lives.

We provide multiple opportunities to enhance your career and create networks inside and outside of the department: including volunteering networks, peer mentoring, and the opportunity to become a research assistant for our academic staff using the Research Opportunities Network.

Our expert team of researchers and clinicians bring their experience to offer unique learning experiences. Our students thrive because we offer a breadth of opportunity to feed their interests and career ambitions. Pathways toward clinical, counselling, forensic, occupational and cyber psychology are offered, with support and guidance to help you achieve your potential.

We are a diverse group of people welcoming those of any ethnicity, culture, religion or sexual orientation to join our community and contribute to the profession of Psychology. Our team are members of professional bodies – including Advance HE, the British Psychological Society (BPS) as Chartered psychologists, and the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

We provide an inspiring and immersive learning environment: an environment with a strong community spirit, where students and staff create opportunities to share ideas and collaborate, experiment with cutting edge methodologies, and experience and co-create research with real-world impact. We cultivate strong links between teaching, learning, and research through partnerships and employer relationships.

We work collaboratively with our partners in the creation of effective learning environments that enable students to explore a range of careers, to make informed decisions about those careers and obtain relevant work experience. Our students gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills and competencies they develop through their course and how those attributes and knowledge add value to society.

Our graduates consistently say that one of the things they enjoyed most about their time at university was the sense of belonging within the department. We regularly host expert guest speakers in to talk about their research in psychology and we encourage students to get involved in networks such as our psychology society, which prepare our students well for the world of work.