How to Book and Amend Interviews, Assessment Days & Portfolio Reviews via e:Vision

If you have applied to the University and have been fortunate to be invited to an interview, portfolio review, or assessment day, you can book a date and time through e:Vision. Follow the guidance below on how to do this. 

*Please note some of our Education/Teacher Training interviews are not booked through this process, and you may be invited by the Admission Team via e-mail. 

TOP TIP: e:Vision works best on a desktop computer (e.g. laptop) and tablet devices. Often using e:Vision on a smartphone can encounter restrictions.

How to Log in to e:Vision

Refer to your receipt of the application e-mail titled 'University of Wolverhampton: Thank you for your application', where near the bottom you will find the following paragraph and instructions. 

Instructions for accessing e:Vision:

At the e:Vision login page, you can log in by using your 7-digit student number, *******, as your username. Your password is ************. Please note, that this is a temporary password and it will only work for 1 attempt. As part of the login process you will be prompted to enter your own password – please ensure this is both secure and memorable as this will be the password you will use for e:Vision from now on. 

If you cannot find this information simply use your 7-digit University student number and select the 'forgotten your password?' option to re-set your password.

Navigating the Booking Page on e:Vision

You should now be logged in to e:Vision and see that you are on the APPLICANT HOMEPAGE. Then use the navigation at the top of your screen to select MY INTERVIEWS as shown here:

Then you will have the course/s available for interview/review listed with a green selection button titled 'Book Your Interview', as below. Click this to book.

Professional Courses: Provide Additional Required Information

The next screen will ask some additional questions, the questions will depend on which course you have applied for (most of these apply to professional courses only). Example questions are based upon:

  • Additional Needs / Support requirements related to your interview
  • Nursing Placement Area preferences. For details on placements click here.
  • Previous Experience Declaration (for previous professional academic study)

Select Interview/Review/Assessment Day Time and Date

You will then be presented with a drop-down list of all the current available interview/review dates and times. Please select one and click 'next'.

The next screen will then confirm the date selected and once confirmed you will; receive an interview/review confirmation e-mail.

Once booked, you will be able to find further details about your interview and what you need to do to prepare via the blue 'Interview information' button on the 'My Interviews' page.

Amend and Re-book Interview/Review/Assessment Day

If the date of the interview/portfolio review/assessment day is no longer convenient, you can log back into e:Vision and navigate to and select MY INTERVIEWS (as guided above) where the date booked will show, the 'book your interview' green button previously will now say 'Amend Your Interview'. Click here and then select the new date and time you wish to book.

You cannot amend your booking within 48 hours before the interview/portfolio review date. If you need to re-book within that 48-hour time frame, please contact our Conversion Team as soon as possible.

On this screen, you can also cancel your booking and this will allow you to withdraw your application if this is the decision you have made.

Please note that failure to attend an interview/portfolio review/assessment day without notice may result in your application being withdrawn.

What Happens Next?

Once you have booked your interview/portfolio review/assessment day, navigate to the menu on the left of this webpage to learn more about what to expect from your interview or review and further information.