Further Education Interviews

Once you have applied for one of our Post-Compulsory Education (Further Education) courses* and if you have been shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview. 

Interviews will be Online for those wishing to start in 2023.

What should you expect?  

  • The interview will last around 30-40 minutes and will be with a member of academic subject staff from the Further Education team (and in some cases partner college staff). 
  • You are asked to complete a pre-interview written task. Once this is complete please send it to educationinterviews@wlv.ac.uk no later than 48 hours before your interviewPlease note if you do not complete this task we are obliged not to conduct your interview.
  • At the start of the interview, you must show a form of picture ID as proof of who the interviewer is talking to. Acceptable documents include a passport, driving license, college ID badge, etc. (please note we do not accept copies).
  • During the interview, you will be asked some questions that will assess your readiness to train to teach. 
  • For applicants of the Certificate of Education and Professional Graduate Certificate in Post Compulsory Education, you are required to give a 10-minute presentation, as explained on e:Vision.
  • If you have applied for the Certificate of Education and Professional Graduate Certificate in Post Compulsory Education course/s with a partner college you may be required to do an additional task/s requested directly from the partner college - if this is the case you will be informed of this via e-mail. 
  • You will not be asked to present certificates at your interview. Admissions will ask you for these after the interview if you are offered a place.
Top Tips
  • Do you know enough about the course you have applied for? Research information about the course, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), Further Education sector and visit our postgraduate open evenings where you can come and speak to our staff and students www.wlv.ac.uk/opendays.
  • Ensure you have read all the guidance that has been sent to you, have you been requested to bring any additional information with you? (ID etc.)

Online Interviews

  • Have you downloaded Microsoft Teams ready onto your device? Read our full guidance on ensuring you are set up and ready for your online interview.
  • You’ll be sent a link to your interview on Microsoft Teams via email usually just before your interview time, not far in advance. In this email, there should be a 'Join meeting' link. Just before your interview time, press 'Join meeting'. 
  • Please ensure you have your photographic ID ready, a fully charged device and you have your e-mail account open on this device no later than 10 minutes before your interview time.
  • Ensure you are away from any loud noise or distractions which could interfere with your interview.
  • Click the ‘Join meeting’ link 5-10 minutes before your interview time.  


*Post Compulsory Education courses include PGCE Further Education, Certificate in Education Post Compulsory Education (college and Distance Learning routes), and Professional Graduate Certificate in Education Post Compulsory Education (college and Distance Learning routes).