Students in the bedroom of a City Campus ensuite accommodation facility

Communal Living

Here's your A-Z of useful information for living in University Halls!

Communal cleaning

As an occupant living in University accommodation, you are communally responsible for cleaning the kitchen. Cleaning Services will assist where possible, but it is ultimately the residents’ joint responsibility to maintain hygiene standards within the kitchen, corridor and communal bathrooms.

Kitchen inspections

Communal and kitchen areas are checked on a weekly basis. If a dirty kitchen is found, occupants will be given 24 hours’ notice to improve the cleanliness of the communal area. Any occupants will have the opportunity to appeal against this decision, but appeals must be made in writing to the Campus Co-ordinator before 4pm on the day of inspection. If the kitchen remains dirty after the 24-hour period, the University will instigate disciplinary procedures against all residents on the corridor. If you are having problems organising your fellow housemates or you are at risk of failing your kitchen inspection, contact The Accommodation Hub.

Cleaning services

Cleaning staff work on all sites, 8am-2pm*. They visit all areas sporadically to ensure that they are clean and hygienic and perform tasks in kitchens, communal bathrooms and corridors.

*varies by campus

So what needs cleaning? Check out our useful

Want to avoid mould & damp in your halls? Get in the know with our Damp and Mould information Kitchen Appliance Manuals

Cup, Coffee cup, Cup, Mug, Tableware, Drinkware, Flooring, Caffeine,

You will be charged for any damage, loss or additional cleaning that you or the other students on your corridor are responsible for causing.

You must inform us immediately if you suspect another occupant or visitor of causing damage or removing University property. All communal areas are inspected several times a year and should any damage or vandalism be detected, this will be noted and occupants contacted. Students will be contacted as soon as possible to make them aware of any communal area damage.

A request for information will be made and students requested to contact the Facilities Information Hub by a certain time with any details that may lead to the identification of the individual responsible. Should this not be achieved, all occupants will be charged for the repair and no further appeals will be taken.

Please note: due to the different standards of finish in the different accommodation, charges listed are indicative only and subject to current rates of VAT.

• You will receive notice if you are being charged for anything.

• All prices correct on date of printing.

• These prices are for a single repair and do not cover any call out charges.

• All charges will be kept to a minimum.

A full list of damage charges for this year can be found on the next page. To ensure you are not charged for previous damage, please complete your room inventory form as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible once you’ve moved in. Should you leave the accommodation for a period of more than one day, please return your keys to reception where they can be kept safe for you while you are away.

Damage Charges Price list

Damage Charge Appeals Procedure

  • If upon inspection of your bedroom or communal area there is damage found you will receive a letter from The Accommodation Hub stating that you will be receiving a charge to cover the cost of the repair/replacement. 
  • If you do not consider that you should be charged for any damage you will need to write to The Accommodation Hub, either by letter, email or e:Vision help call (no other form of appeal will be considered) stating why you believe you shouldn’t be charged along with any evidence you have.  
  • The Accommodation Hub will then respond to your appeal with a holding letter and a response to your appeal will be given within 28 days. 
  • If your appeal is unfounded and the charge remains, you have the right to a second appeal, of which would be responded to by an Accommodation Manager. 
  • You will need to write to the Accommodation Manager either by letter, email or e:Vision help call (no other form of appeal will be considered) stating that you are appealing the charge for a second time along with any evidence.
  • A holding letter will be issued. The respective Manager will investigate your claims within 28 days and respond accordingly.
  • If after receiving this response you are still dissatisfied with the outcome from your complaint, you have the option to have it considered at stage two of the formal complaints procedure.  Further details of stage two (review) are contained within the principles and procedures document of our student complaints system which is available here Student Conducts and wellbeing 2019 - 20 (Word doc 124k). Please note that any request to have the complaint reviewed at stage two must be made in writing to the Head of the Conduct and Appeals Unit within 20 working days of the date of receiving a response.

The Fire Safety equipment installed in the accommodation is there to help save your life in the event of a fire. Tampering with, or vandalism to these fire safety devices will result in disciplinary action, financial penalties and you will be reported to the Police. Details of the fire regulations are posted throughout the accommodation.

ALL students MUST be acquainted with these details and be able to identify the location of fire exits and the procedure for safe evacuation of University accommodation.

If a fire starts, please remember not to panic. If possible, close the door to the fire. It will delay the spread of the fire and smoke. Get yourself out as quickly as possible. DO NOT stop to pick up valuables or possessions. When the Fire Alarm sounds, the Fire Service will be alerted either automatically or through a member of staff. NEVER go back into the accommodation unless the Security or Caretakers tell you it is safe to do so.


Fire Safety in Student Accommodation

We’d like to reassure all new and returning students to University of Wolverhampton student accommodation that your safety and security is our number one priority.

Following the tragic Grenfell Fire in London the University carried out safety checks on all of its student residences in Wolverhampton, Walsall and Telford.

All of the University’s halls of residence have been identified as being brick, block and concrete structures.

University buildings undergo regular fire risk assessments and have fully integrated fire warning systems, emergency lighting and fire compartmentation which are all supported by thorough fire risk assessment procedures which are tested at regular intervals.

We are also working with private providers of student accommodation to seek safety assurances.

You may have read in the media that the private company Liberty Living, which owns and manages the Liberty Living Complex in Wolverhampton, moved around 70 students to alternative accommodation as a precautionary measure whilst it carried out safety checks on one of its buildings.

We have met with the company to discuss the matter and will continue to liaise with them as well as providing any support we can to any of our students that have been affected.

We would like to emphasise that the safety and security of our students, staff and visitors is always our primary priority.

If you have any accommodation questions please do not hesitate contact our The Accommodation Hub team via email or by telephone on 01902 32 1268.


If anyone is found to be smoking within University Accommodation, they will be issued with the following:

  • First Offence – First Warning
  • Second Offence – Final Warning & Anti-Social Behavioural Contract signed.
  • Thereafter, the student’s details should be passed to the Conducts & Appeals unit and the student may be serviced with a Notice to Quit.
  • Upon the occupant vacating the room a deep cleaning charge of £250.00 will be levied against the student by raising an invoice (if the smell of smoke is in the room)

Fire Doors

All doors within the accommodation are Fire Doors and are there to protect you in the event of a fire.  It is a disciplinary offence to wedge open a fire door.

Smoke Detectors

Fire Penalty Issues to the student;

Malicious Activations:

  • First Malicious Activation, Final Warning & Anti-Social Behavioural Contract signed.
  • Second Malicious Activation of a fire alarm - Passed to Conducts & Appeals Unit – (This may result in the student receiving a Notice to quit accommodation or being suspended pending an investigation).


Failure to Evacuate:

  • First Offence - First Warning
  • Second Offence - Final Warning, Anti-Social Behavioural Contract signed.
  • Third Offence –Information sent to Conducts & Appeals Unit. (This may result in the student receiving a Notice to quit accommodation or being suspended pending an investigation).

Smoke Detector Covered or Tampered With:

  • First Offence – Final Warning & Anti-Social Behavioural Contract signed.
  • Second Offence - Passed to Conducts & Appeals Unit – (This may result in the student receiving a Notice to Quit accommodation or being suspended pending an investigation).

Breakage of Break Glass:

First Offence - First Warning

Second Offence - Final Warning & Anti-Social Behavioural Contract signed

Thereafter - Passed to Conducts & Appeals Unit

If the perpetrator cannot be found the charge will be shared between all of the residents of that corridor and all will be issued with the relevant warning. 

If a student is already on a warning for a different incident, they will be moved to the second stage of the discipline procedure.

Please note: The use of e-cigarettes within University Accommodation is banned.

Damaging or tampering with fire equipment.

The University does not tolerate student damage or tampering with any fire equipment. Fire equipment is installed to maintain safety and any tampering with the equipment will be treated very seriously by the Accommodation team. A student reported to have tampered with or damaged any fire equipment will be issued with an Acceptable Behaviour Contract and a final warning. A financial penalty will be imposed upon the student details of which can be found in the Living in Halls Guide.  If, there is a repeat of this offence or the initial is deemed to warrant escalation you will be immediately referred to the Conduct and Appeals unit, and whilst this is being investigated you will be required to vacate the Halls of Residence as stated within clause 7.1 (c)&(e) in the Licence Agreement.

Please note at any stage, any tampering or damaging of fire equipment maybe subject to police action.

Fire alarm testing take place in the Halls of residence to ensure our students become familiar with the assembly points and how to respond in fire incident.

Below are the time the tests take place:

City Campus Lomas Street - Sunday Afternoon between 2pm-2.30pm

City Campus North Road - Saturday Afternoon between 2pm - 2.30pm

Walsall Campus Student Village - Saturday Afternoon between 2.30pm

Telford Campus Residences - Monday morning 10:00hrs 

The alarm will last from approximately 15-30 seconds. In the event it goes on longer, be prepared to evacuate.

Room heating operates from October until the spring. Below are the times the heating is set to come on in your room:

Monday - Friday

6.00am - 9.30am

12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.30pm - 11.00pm

Saturday - Sunday

6.00am - 11.00am

12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.30pm - 11.00pm

So how does it work?

If the outside air temperature is below -3c for a prolonged period the heating regime will be reviewed and amended as deemed necessary. The processes for this will be done by analysing the internal space temperatures, building heat losses and outside air temperatures.

The heating currently operates as follows:

Space temperatures - we aim to achieve a minimum occupancy temperature of 19c (during occupancy times) and a maximum temperature of 22c (during occupancy times). Once this temperature is achieved the heating will control around this set-point and switch on/off as needed.

The heating is optimised and will automatically operate up to 2hrs earlier than scheduled if required. This depends on how quickly the internal temperature falls and rises to achieve the building set-point and outside temperature.

If you think there is a problem with the radiator in your room, please log it on HRAMS so we can get someone to check it for you.

Please make you do not use electric heaters in your bedroom as the heat detectors in your rooms will cause all heating across the accommodation to turn off.

Whether your favourite TV show makes you cry with laughter or puts you on the edge of your seat, it’s really important you know when you need a TV Licence.

You need to be covered by a TV Licence if you’re watching or recording television programmes as they’re being shown on TV.

This applies whatever device you’re watching on – a TV, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or games console, and however you’re receiving the programmes – via an aerial, satellite, cable or streaming through the internet.

You'll also need a licence if you download or watch BBC programmes on demand - including catch up TV - on BBC iPlayer (this applies to all the devices listed above).

Please note: If you or one of your flatmates has a TV licence for their room, this will cover a TV in the communal area.

It’s the law, and anyone in Accommodation who watches or records television programmes as they’re being shown on TV without a valid TV Licence is at risk of prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

Visit the TV Licensing website at for more information or speak to your halls manager.

Circuit Laundry App‌ ‌

1. Make sure you have downloaded the FREE Circuit Laundry App from the App Store!

2. Follow the registration instructions

3. Follow the top-up instructions

4. Now you are ready to do your laundry

Check out our handy guides to doing your laundry...

Washing Guide 

1. Scan Card/Phone

2. Open door to washing machine

3. Put in detergent/powder/tablet into bottom of drum

4. Load washing into washing machine

5. Close door to washing machine

6. Scan Card/ Phone

7. Select Cycle (Standard Wash, Super Wash, Super Wash Plus)

8. Press Start

9. Unload  when finished

Drying Guide 

1. Scan Card/Phone

2. Open door to dryer

3. Clean out lint filter

4. Load wet washing into dryer

5. Close door to dryer

6. Scan Card/Phone

7. Select Cycle (Complete Dry)

8. Press Start

9. Unload  when finished

How much will it cost?

Each wash & dry will cost you £2, unless you select the super wash cycle which will cost you £2.50

For more information please visit the Circuit Laundry Website

Noisy neighbours

Probably worse than nosy neighbours? Either way as you live in a block of freshers it’s good to get know when to plug the headphones in or head out. As a general guide we like to tone things down and give everyone the option to sleep from 11pm, so something to bear in mind if your up chatting until the early hours – get the guy with the booming voice to whisper or if you are set for a late one move it on out.

Natural noise?

With lots of people living in the same place, you can expect to hear stuff like walking, some talking, shutting doors, maybe even birds singing in the morning? But if you are persistently being kept awake by hysterical laughter, dance tunes and partying until the early hours get in touch with your subwarden living in your halls who can help keep the peace.

Alternatively if things continue you can contact Campus Security at the time the noise is being made, or log a helpcall on e:vision and let The Accommodation Hub sort the situation.

Get this party started

If you know you are having a few people round and it’s going to get lively, you can request permission to have a party from The Accommodation Hub; this keeps everyone in the loop so there’s no noisy surprises. You will need to download here ‌‌, and get written permission from Campus Operations at least 48 hours in advance. Make sure you are at your own party for the long haul, and have the permission paper with you should you get questioned for any reason.

Now for the disclaimer 

The area must be left tidy so make sure you get everyone doing their bit or your Sunday could look pretty sad, or even worse you could get held responsible for any damage and costs.

You can keep partying until 1am as long as you have stuck to the regulation and no complaints have been received – good times!

Remember not to advertise your party publically on social networks, make a private invite for friends, we’ve all heard the horror stories of unwanted party crashers and police – nobody wants that!

If you’re having a catch-up with mates from far and wide they can stay with you at your halls for a max of two consecutive nights.

You will need to sign them in at reception, in the interest of security and fire alarms.

You are responsibility for your guest and their behaviour, as your university does have the right to ask them to leave if we think it’s necessary. 

Each campus has a dedicated security team that work 24 hours a day for your safety. They will be able to help if you have an issue. Their presence gives the campus a secure feeling. All Security staff are equipped with head cameras which are there for student and staff safety and will only be used when dealing with incidents within the Accommodation.

You can call them on 01902 32 2106

Please call for all emergencies, accidents, excessive noise issues, or if appropriate use the Security Help points located externally around the campus.

If you have lost your keys, lost property or non-urgent issues please direct these to the local site security.

Friend of a friend?

If you don’t know someone, don’t get talked into invite them in. Let’s face it you, wouldn’t have done that at your parents' house. Surely they would have their friends number, right? If someone is lurking and it doesn’t feel quite right then report it to security, probably innocent enough but don’t let it play on your mind.

Security Staff are on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week and carry out regular patrols around the campus sites. However if you spot anything suspicious get it reported and put your mind at ease, that’s what they are there for. Security staff are friendly and approachable and can be recognised by their distinctive uniform and ID badges. 


Post is delivered to the postal boxes.

  • At City Campus they are located at the entrance of each accommodation block.
  • At Walsall Campus they are located in WA Building.
  • At Telford Campus they are located in Main Reception SA Building.
  • Registered letters and packages will only be given to the addressee on production of their University ID card and can be collected from the designated points.

Collection Times – Parcel and Packages only

  • City Campus MX Building Postal Room North Road - Monday - Friday - 9.00am-5.00pm
  • Walsall Campus Walsall WA building - Monday - Friday - 9am - 5pm
  • Telford Campus Telford SA Reception - Monday - Friday - 10.00am-3.30pm

*These details are subject to change

At the end of your licence, it is the student's responsibility to redirect their post prior to leaving. After your departure, any post received will be returned to sender.

Lost Keys

If your keys are lost or stolen please report this to your Campus Reception. If you misplace your keys out of office hours (between 5pm and 9am) or at weekends, you will be given access to your room by a member of Security staff. Replacement keys will not be issued to residents outside normal office hours. Please note, you will be charged for replacement keys if the originals are not found and returned to reception within 10 days. If you continue to lose or forget your keys, you may be charged an administration fee.

Swipe Card

A charge of £30 is made for a replacement of each lost corridor swipe card and £40 for the replacement of each lost key, which shall be paid by You direct to the University.  You may also be required to pay the cost of replacing locks caused by the loss of keys.  If a lost key is found within 10 days but before any locks have been ordered or changed, Accommodation Services Office will not charge.

If any student does decide to bring any electrical equipment into accommodation, it is advised that they are PAT test for safety.  You can arrange this by contacting the Accommodation Hub. There will be a small cost for this service if provided.
If items are deemed a risk to health, safety, welfare, or in conductive to communal living, they will be confiscated without notice and this will be construed as an automatic breach of the Licence Agreement.  Any Student(s) found using banned items may be subject to disciplinary action.
This may include loud stereo systems, speakers, television equipment and musical instruments.  This list is not exhaustive and items
may be added to at the management’s discretion.
Unfortunately we ask you not to have the following items in your room for safety reasons:
• Cooking appliances (such as toasters, rice cookers etc)
• Kettles
• Candles
• Joss Sticks
• Oil Burners
• Smoking Equipment (such as bongs, shisha, ashtrays etc)
• 3D Printers 
• Electric & Halogen Heaters/Fans
• Mini Fridges/Freezers
• Ceremonial knives
• E-cigarettes
And no goes for the kitchens/communal areas:
• Deep-Fat Fryers
• Chip Pans
• Rice Cookers (can only be used if they have a 3 pin plug conforming to British Standards)
  • Limited car/motorbike parking is available at each campus accommodation. To be able to use these facilities contact your local Facilities Information Hub regarding access permissions.
  • You will only be allowed to park in designated bays.
  • Parking on yellow lines, grass or curbs is prohibited. The Security Team will revoke your access and you may face disciplinary action.
  • We do not guarantee spaces and having access permission does not mean that a space has been reserved for you.
  • Please remember that the roads around the campuses may be subject to Local by-laws.  The Local Authority or the police can and do ticket cars parked on double yellow lines.
  • The University does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles and it is your responsibility to ensure your car is fully insured.  All cars parked on University property must be fully taxed and in a roadworthy condition.

Two motorcycle parking bays at North Road on City Campus

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and avoid traffic so you will be pleased to hear that cycle storage is available on all campuses by request, so please don’t leave you bike in your halls or you’ll have to shift it.

Unfortunately the basic insurance supplied with your accommodation contract doesn’t include bikes, so you will have to get additional insurance to make sure it’s covered.

If you have lost your operating manual for the appliances within the kitchen, please find the correct manual from the list below.
Asda George Kettle Manual (Word doc 1,215k)
Ikich Kettle Manual (Word doc 325k)
Sabichi Kettle Manual (Word doc 322k)
Tesco JKR Kettle Manual (Word doc 1,111k)
Frigidaire Fridge Manual (Word doc 465k)
Frigidaire Freezer Manual (Word doc 1,145k)
Indesit UIAA Freezer Manual (Word doc 1,071k)
Blomberg FNT9673 Manual (Word doc 259k)
Idesit Cooker Manual (Word doc 580k)
Belling Cooker Manual (Word doc 1,468k)
Beko EDVC503W Cooker Manual (Word doc 1,067k)
Beko BCDP50W Cooker Manual (Word doc 3,065k)

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