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Online Reporting

In order to use the Intranet facility you must first register as a user, you can do this by going to HRAMS Student Page and completing the registration details.

Please NOTE to be registered correctly you are required to use your University Student email address to register with HRAMS.

Once you have registered you should receive an Email giving you a Username (this will be your email address) and Password


How to Raise a Request

To use the system go to the HRAMS Student Page.

Select Login, then provide your Username name (your Email address) and Password stated in your registration confirmation email.

Once you have logged onto the system we recommend you can change your given Password to a new personal Password via Edit Profile.

To raise a job simply click New Job on the home page and input the required information.

You can then see your requested job by going back to the home page via the Home icon on the top left-hand side of the page and clicking Search a Job.

Notifications will be processed from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

As you probably guessed jobs are prioritised on their urgency, however emergency jobs can be reported to your security team and wardens at your halls so don’t worry you won’t be left in a sticky situation over the weekend.

If there’s a problem in your room the team might need access when your not there, which will be a nice surprise when you come home to a fixed set of drawers. Alternatively if you are in they will give you a knock on the door, but you can check your email so you know when to expect them. 

Planned & Emergency Maintenance

We try and make sure that any planned maintenance work causes as little inconvenience to residents as possible, we'll give you 7 days notice of any maintenance work and try to avoid really important weeks like revision week and exam week. For any urgent work you will recieve a minimum of 24 hours notice unless there is an emergency that required immediate action.

Please use the HRAMs system to report any maintenance issues.

Logging an HRams

The incident reporting procedure is the way in which Facilities and Support Services and your local Campus Hubs deal with student queries and complaints. It is designed to formalise any misdemeanours carried out by students within the accommodation and assist with students enjoying their student experience whilst living within the accommodation. 

How do I inform anyone if I have a problem or need an answer to a query?

This is really quick and easy, log onto your HRAMs and log a call, this will then be passed onto the relevant member of staff that will get back to you with an answer

The Incident Reporting Procedure will be instigated if a student engages in any of the following activities that are becoming a nuisance, annoyance or a risk to the health, safety of their other students and members of staff:

  • Anti-social behaviour (noise, bullying, harassment, conduct issues)
  • Wilful damage or vandalism
  • Repeat kitchen failures
  • Breach of the Licence Agreement
  • Smoking within the accommodation
  • Tampering with the fire equipment or maliciously activations.

The Facilities & Support Services will work in conjunction with the Conduct and Appeals Unit if a student engages in offences against other students / staff, or is likely to disrupt or affect the conduct or reputation of the University.

The following process will be undertaken when an incident or query arises:

Stage one: The student will be interviewed along with any witnesses and a statement will be taken. If this is the students first incident and did not have serious health and safety implications to other occupants, staff or premises a first warning would be issued and a financial fine may be imposed.

Stage two: If a student has already received a first warning or the incident is of a more serious nature with regard to health and safety implications to other students, staff or premises, then the student and any witnesses would be interviewed, statements taken and a final warning and a financial fine, if required would be issued.

Stage three: If a student is involved in any further incidents and they already have a first / final warning or the incident is deemed severe, the incident would be escalated to the Assistant Director and a decision would be made as to whether a Notice to Quit would be issued.

After each of these stages the Facilities & Support Services team would notify the Conduct and Appeals Unit of each incident.

Right to Appeal: The student may appeal against any of the 3 stages, this needs to be submitted in writing, via E:vision with supporting evidence and within 7 days from the date of the warning.

Please note, if after your appeal you are still not satisfied you can submit a further appeal in writing, to the Dean of Students within 30 days of the date of the final letter to: Dean of Students, c/o The University of Wolverhampton, Student Services Gateway, MB Building, Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton,WV1 1LY.

The University wants students to enjoy their time here and enhance their student experience. Ensuring that our students reside within a safe and enriching environment. There are procedures in situ that will assist students to raise queries or report areas of concern to your local Facilities & Support Hub.

I don't want to live in Halls anymore

If you wish to be released from your licence, you'll need to make an appointment with a member of your local Facilities Information Hub and they will undertake an interview to advise on the options available.

How do I inform someone if I have a problem or need an answer to a query?

This is really quick and easy, log onto e:Vision and log a call on the help desk, this will then be passed onto the relevant member of staff that will get back to you with an answer. The procedure to outline how your local Facilities Hub, Dealing with Student Queries  (PDF) (PDF) will provide you with further information.

Our Security Services are out and about 24/7.

They also recommend numerous apps of which have many useful features for your safety and welfare. To find out more click here.

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