Studying or working off campus

FAQs learning off campus

On this webpage you will find everything you need to know about the digital/IT services available for learning or working off campus.

Students will be able to access items like your email, your timetable, Canvas, library information etc from your myWLV app. Either download from your usual app store or access the web version at

Frequently Asked Questions for STUDENTS using own PC, laptop or mobile

Free software for students using personal laptops/PCs

We have a Software Catalogue - an A-Z listing of all available software for students use, and how to get it. Please look here first for the software you require (you will be asked to log in).

AppsAnywhere on your own WINDOWS laptops/PCs (there is no software in AppsAnywhere for Apple/iOS devices, please talk to your faculty teachers about software for Macs).

More than 70 applications are now available from AppsAnywhere on your own laptop/PC. To access them, open a browser and go to and log in with your normal University credentials. You will then see a message asking you if it’s the first time you have used AppsAnywhere on your device. It is important that you select the blue box if it is the first time. Download and install the Cloudpaging player, after doing this you will be able to select an application you require and launch it in the normal way.  

Please be aware that for the first 3-5 minutes of running some of the apps, they may show a decrease in performance as the application downloads in the background, to prepare for use. After this the performance picks up to normal. 

SPSS or NVivo 

If you are looking to install software like SPSS or NVivo, onto your own laptop, you can do this by visiting the University’s software download catalogue, logging in and selecting which software you wish to download. To download SPSS you will need to follow the instructions carefully as it is a three step installation process as well as a code to activate the software.  

Office 365

The full suite of Microsoft applications like Outlook for email and Calendar, Word for creating documents, OneDrive for storing and sharing documents, and Teams for chat and video, is available to all students using a University or personal PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You do not need to buy Microsoft Office products.

If you would like to add Microsoft office to a personal PC,laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can do this for up to 5 separate personal devices. Once logged into with your University email, you will notice a tab at the top right of your window that says 'Install Office'. Select the first option 'Office 365 apps' and follow the on-screen steps to install and run. If using a tablet or mobile phone, you can access all of the Office 365 suite by installing the individual applications from your usual app store.

Students can change your password at any point without needing to contact the Service Desk. Doing this does not mean you need to change your current password. Please take a look at the information at

The following tips will help to get the best out of your home network. 

  • If you are due to take an exam online, or have an important teaching session, let your house members know so they can help you protect your connection!
  • If using your home wifi, moving closer to the router will improve your wifi signal strength. 
  • Turn on your radio or watch broadcast TV rather than stream music or video whenever possible.
  • If internet streaming of TV or music is your only option, try to download as much content before you need it. Can you download that movie or box-set to your device(s) overnight?
  • If you can reduce the resolution of streaming video, do. Reducing from 4K to HD, or HD to SD is about a 75% bandwidth saving each time.
  • Be aware of what everyone else at home is doing on the internet and work with them to not overload things when you need to study/work.
  • If you can, ensure your broadband router is connected to the first incoming/master phone socket in your property.
  • Giving your broadband router a reboot from time to time can help prevent issues, maybe once a week?  
  • You can use your mobile phone to create a wifi hotspot, but this will of course impact your data usage (useful to know when your data is renewed each month). 
  • Most broadband routers have network ports. If you can, connect your laptop/PC directly to your broadband router with a suitable network cable.
  • Check with your network provider for offers, as some are providing unlimited data at the moment.

Outlook and Calendar can be accessed from personal devices. Log into Office 365 as normal.

Microsoft OneDrive is where you will create and store all your work while at the University. Sign into and select your OneDrive account. 

Go to and view in the usual way.

Yes, just log in to as normal and everything programme and/or module related will be available. 

Log in to e:Vision as normal.

Please visit this webpage for information about your password

Please visit the Library webpages for information about e-resources