The Digital Services team

Digital Services are a key enabler to the success of the University strategy, supporting teaching and learning with systems and services, that make up the Digital University. We are a skilled and experienced team led by the Director Ben Barry

"The Digital University: inspiring student, staff and academic success with digital solutions and services."

Our eight departments are:

  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION - using digital technologies to create and transform our services, specifically workflows, business processes and digital confidence.
  • DIGITAL OPERATIONS - delivering and continually improving our services and customer support, performance reporting and service management maturity.
  • DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE - delivering a clear, unified and strategic architecture plan.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT & INTEGRATIONS - data strategy and support for key University projects on data quality and management information.
  • INFORMATION SECURITYensuring information security is a “golden thread” through everything we do. Working towards Cyber Essentials +. 
  • DIGITAL PROGRAMME - the Programme Management Office delivers the strategic digital projects and their governance. 
  • BUSINESS AND SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS - managing the relationships with our University stakeholders, as well as our external partners. 
  • USER EXPERIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT - delivering operational, strategic, service and project communications to the University community and external partners.