Staff and students use the same IT Essentials for teaching and learning, but there are some services solely for staff. They include:
Requesting an IT Account

In order for new members of staff to access the University's digital workplace (systems, services, software and support), they will need an IT Account.

All members of staff who join the University as part of the HR recruitment process will be issued with their IT account via an electronic process as part of their contract. HR and Digital Services will liaise with the new member of staff using their personal email address used throughout the recruitment process. For any queries about this process please contact the HR Support team on ext. 1351 or email

For access to University IT if an external or temporary member of staff, please take a look at IT Access for visiting staff.

University PC/laptop/mobile phone (and peripherals)

New staff will need their University laptop or PC ordering for them in advance of their arrival. The purchasing of all IT kit is done by Digital Services, but you can take a look at the standard Windows and Apple devices available, before requesting their purchase. More at

Managing your University password

Staff are asked to register for Self-Service Password Reset, as this means you can manage your own University password, without needing help from IT Support. It is easy to set up and means you can be confident that if you lose or forget your password, you can reset it yourself. Please follow these steps to set this up.

All staff as required to change their University password every 6 months. Please follow these steps to update your password.

Your BitLocker encrytion password (or PIN)

All University staff laptops are protected by a feature called encryption. In simple terms this adds an extra layer of security onto your device so that in the event of theft or cybercrime activity, your laptop is protected by another password, as well as the one you use to log-in to University systems and services.

After set up (you will be prompted to set this up when you first start using your laptop), every time you shut down your device and fire it up again, you will be asked to enter your BitLocker PIN or password, before signing into your University account. Your PIN or password can be a mixture of characters with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 20.

If you lose or forget your BitLocker PIN, you can either contact IT Support, or you can recover a new PIN yourself by following these steps:

  • Go to this web address 
  • Log in to the portal using your University email adress and password, accept the Terms and Conditions notice, and then follow the on-screen instructions to generate the 64-character recovery key.
IT Support

You can contact IT Support by phone using 01902 322000 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, or by using the IT Support Portal to raise a call or help yourself to information.