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Your digital workplace

Please take a look at the 2 minute video walks you through your digital environment at the University.

The following information is for new colleagues, to help you ease into the digital environment at the University and to make the best use of the laptops, software, services and support that are on offer.

There are also some commonly asked questions that help with the current situation at Working or learning off campus.

Staff IT account

The very first thing you will need as a new member of staff is a staff IT account. You will have most likely received this shortly after signing your contract, as well as set yourself up with a University password. This account and your password give you access to all University systems and services.

If you are a line manager, or have not received an staff IT account, you can request one by visiting this webpage


You will have received a password with your new staff IT account and may well have already changed it something more memorable to you, using the University's password reset mechanism. We recommend that you register to self-manage your passwords, doing this does not mean you have to change your current password, it just sets you up to be able to do this should you need to, without needing support from the Service Desk.

Services, software, security and support

There is a full range of services and software for staff to use, that include:

keeping yourself safe online (cybersecurity)

We take keeping the University's, and your own personal, data safe and protected, very seriously. We all know that fraudulent activity online is getting cleverer all the time. You can find some useful tips about spotting fake emails (Phishing) and keeping yourself safe online at Working safely online

As a new member of staff, you will need to take the mandary training in 'Information Security Awareness'. More details on the Organsiational Development website.


Support is available from the Service Desk team. You can either email us at or visit the online support portal and use the green button to raise a query.