Professor & Readers




NameJob Title

Tel Ext

+ 44 (0) 1902

Dr Angel Armesilla Reader in Molecular Pharmacology 32 2382 EMAIL
Dr Timothy Baldwin Reader in Plant Cell Biology  32 2142 EMAIL
Professor Keith Burnham Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies) 32 2387 EMAIL
Professor Phil Cox Director of Chemical Engineering 32 2548 EMAIL
Professor Nduka Nnamdi 'Ndy' Ekere Professor of Manufacturing Engineering    
Professor Ray Fitzpatrick Professor of Clinical Pharmacy 32 2197  EMAIL 
Professor Mike Fullen Professor of Sustainability 32 2410  EMAIL
Dr Sarah Jones Reader in Pharmacology 32 2748 EMAIL
Professor Paul Kirkham Professor of Cell Biology   EMAIL
Dr David Heesom Reader in Building Information Modelling  32 2724  EMAIL
Professor Dave Hill Professor of Microbiology / Income Generation 32 2161 EMAIL
Professor John Howl Professor of Molecular Pharmacology 32 1131 EMAIL
Professor Nazira Karodia Professor of Science Education 32 2278 EMAIL
Professor Kevin Kibble Professor of Materials Engineering    32 2706  EMAIL 
Professor Marek Kowalczuk Professor in Synthetic/ Polymer Chemistry  32 2272  EMAIL 
Dr Mark Morris Reader in Genetics 32 2574 EMAIL 
Professor Sabah Mushatat Professor of Construction Law  32 1162  EMAIL 
Professor Issaka Ndekugri Professor of Construction & Engineering Law  32 2280  EMAIL 
Professor Robert Newman Professor of Computer Science 32 1801 EMAIL
Professor Chike F. Oduoza Professor in Process and Manufacturing Engineering 32 3944 EMAIL
  Industrial Professor 32 1763 EMAIL
Dr Izabela Radecka Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology/Microbiology 32 2366 EMAIL
Dr Shubashini Suresh Reader in Construction Project Management 32 1710 EMAIL
Professor Mark Stanford Professor in Advanced Manufacturing Technology 32 3904 EMAIL
Professor James Tang Professor in Pharmaceutics 32 2080 EMAIL
Professor Mike Thelwall Professor of Information Science   32 1470  EMAIL 

Professor Weiguang Wang

Professor of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics 32 2756 EMAIL
Professor Craig Williams Professor in Inorganic Chemistry Research 32 2159 EMAIL