Faculty Executive

The Dean

NameJob Title
Professor David Proverbs Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

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The Associate Deans


NameJob TitleEmail
Professor Prashant Pillai Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Exchange P.Pillai@wlv.ac.uk
Dr Ruth Shiner   Associate Dean, Academic R.A.Shiner@wlv.ac.uk 
Rebecca MacDonald  Associate Dean, Business Engagement and Lifelong Learning Rebecca.Macdonaild@wlv.ac.uk 

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Faculty Registrar & Assistant Faculty Registrars


NameJob Title

Tel Ext

+ 44 (0) 1902

Dr Andrea Patel Faculty Registrar

Donna Hughes Assistant Faculty Registrar (Resources)


Kate Faulkner Assistant Faculty Registrar (Academic) 32 2718