Facilities and Services

There are around 2,500 computers across the University for staff and students to use in open access areas, school computer labs and libraries.

School Facilities

Most Schools have their own computer labs, some of which are open to everyone, and others just for students of that School. Get details of locations and opening hours from the School Office. If you need help when working in these labs, contact the School Technical staff.


There are computer facilities in the libraries at each campus and some also provide access to other equipment such as video cameras, scanners, etc. These are open to all staff and students. Opening hours vary, but some of their IT suites open at weekends and during the night. If you need help when working in these labs, contact a member of library staff.

Technology Centre - MI Building

The Technology Centre on City Campus has over 600 PCs for students to use and a variety of Teaching Spaces. If you need help when working in this building, please visit the IT Helpdesk in MI101.

Social Learning Spaces

You'll find 'Social Learning Spaces' or 'Meeting to Learn' areas on most campuses. These provide a relaxed space where you can use a computer whilst chatting to your friends over a cup of coffee. They are equipped with wireless networks, so if you have a laptop with wireless capability you can use it to access the Internet in these areas.

Wireless Networks

There are numerous wireless networks across the University, enabling you to access the Internet from a computer with wireless hardware. Find out how to get connected to the wireless networks. There's also a wireless printing service, enabling you to print from any device connected to the University wireless network.

University Accommodation

All study bedrooms in University accommodation have Internet access provided via a wired network point. Most shared areas and bedrooms are also covered by the wireless network.

Facilities for Users with Disabilities

Specialised equipment, software and support is available to help users with disabilities to use the IT facilities. Please have a look at the page about the Student Enabling Centre for more details.

Teaching Technology Equipment in Teaching Rooms

IT Services has some responsibility for Teaching Technology (AV) Equipment.