Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing Champions

What can Wellbeing Champions do for me?  

Wellbeing Champions are student volunteers who are passionate about health and wellbeing.

They deliver health and wellbeing activities and services to improve health outcomes, reduce inequalities and promote self-care. These include belonging and community groups, mental health workshops, encouraging people to get outdoors and exercise, and give you tips to help you feel good. They also deliver an array of national public health campaigns on campus and in the community of Wolverhampton.  They are there to signpost you to any help you need! 

Please be aware Wellbeing Champions do not provide an emergency service. Should you require immediate support please see ourneed help nowpage. Wellbeing champions cannot provide one-to-one specific support. 




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Help to transform lives and communities through the promotion of public health campaigns and wellbeing activities

Wellbeing Champions are student volunteers who take the lead with wellbeing by actively promoting and supporting wellbeing activities and services at the University of Wolverhampton. They help to deliver a wide range of public health campaigns to improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities. They are at the heart of the University's commitment to transforming lives and communities. 

There is so much to be gained by becoming a Wellbeing Champion! 

The role provides you with access to a range of training opportunities and micro-credentials to boost your skill set and increase your employability; these include mental and physical health, leadership skills, British Sign Language, and much more!  

This role will open up many opportunities for you, including an exclusive placement within the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Public Health team. 

We understand as students, you need flexibility around your studies, and that’s why you can choose how much and when you want to contribute.

Becoming a Wellbeing Champion will enhance your CV and expand your job perspectives.

Upon your graduation, you will be given an award from the Vice-Chancellor for your contribution. 

As a Wellbeing Champion, you will be involved in regular public health campaigns on campus and in the community. Some of these include World Mental Health Day, Back Care Awareness, Stoptober, and Breast Cancer Awareness. You will drive these campaigns as co-creators and get involved in the design. It may be as simple as a post on social media or creating an on-campus event. 

You will also promote the fantastic wellbeing services we have on campus and get to run some of these, such as the wellbeing checks where full training will allow you to measure blood pressure, visceral fat, muscle mass and much more 

There will be many chances to help the community with Covid-19 vaccinations, GP surgeries and help local organisations such as Samaritans. 

To apply, complete the online form, answering a few questions including why you want to be a Wellbeing Champion, what wellbeing means to you, and what skills or previous experience you have which will make you a good candidate.  Closing date Monday 30 October.


We take action to eliminate discrimination and prejudice and ensure diversity and inclusion. Part of this process involves us understanding the profile of candidates who apply. Therefore, the form will also collect anonymous data on your age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion.


Your application will be reviewed, and if successful, you will be asked to attend an induction. The induction will give you an in-depth understanding of the role so that you are ready to start!


University support services

The University offers lots of support services, help and advice to help you get the best out of your time whilst you study with us. 

Students can access support by visiting Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Have a question? 

If you have an enquiry about the service, please email MHWenquiries@wlv.ac.uk.

The team will be able to respond Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, either by telephone or email.

Crisis support

Our University Mental Health and Wellbeing support team is not an emergency service and is not a 24/7 service.  Should you require immediate support please see our need help now page.

Student Funding Support 

The university has significant funding in place to support students who are struggling with financial hardship, including the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund, a range of specific bursaries, and emergency loans.  

You can get in contact with the Funding Support Team:

For information on the hardship fund and how to apply go to wlv.ac.uk/fund


Struggling with debts?

If you are struggling with debts you may find the following organisations useful:

Student Funding England

If you have issues with Student Funding England you will need to call them on 0300 100 0607.  See our SFE guidance page for advice.


The Disability and Inclusion Team are here to provide advice and support for students who have a disability or Specific Learning Difference.

They can help you to:

For support and advice for any disability-related queries, contact ASK@WLV.

For more information visit our Disability and Specific Learning Differences advice webpage.

The Chaplaincy supports the spiritual, cultural and pastoral needs of students and staff.

The Chaplains are available as a confidential means of support if you ever need to chat. We meet with people in person and online; host events to build understanding between communities and develop friendships, and offer advice and training in relation to religion and faith. 

  Find more information and advice at: wlv.ac.uk/chaplaincy.

Specialised support is available for   

  • Care Leavers (students who have previously been in the care of a Local Authority for 12 weeks or more around their 16th birthday)
  • Estranged Students (aged 25 or under) who have no communicative relationship with either living biological parent.

  Students can register for support, at any time, by completing the Registration and Consent Form.

  Find more information and advice at: wlv.ac.uk/care. 

Our Careers service is here to help you navigate your career journey, throughout your course and beyond.

For help finding part-time jobs, graduate employment, placements, business support and employability skills development visit wlv.ac.uk/careers. 


Are you passionate about positive wellbeing?

Apply to become a Wellbeing Champion 

If you're passionate about positive wellbeing and want to pass this on to other students, we'd love for you to get involved. We'll provide training and support to help you to deliver campaigns and link you with a network of like-minded people.