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University Managed PCs – WinZip File Sharing Encryption

The University Information Security Project Board has requested that all University staff managed PCs are to be provided with an email attachment encryption tool in order to provide protection to sensitive data being electronically shared. The Directorate of Academic Support has commissioned the Corel WinZip file encryption tool as being the default data encryption tool for University devices.

The term WinZip refers to the portfolio of tools designed for data compression, encryption and secure file sharing within the WinZip Enterprise suite of tools.

From June 2016 tis technology will be installed on all staff managed devices as a continuing programme of providing information security tools for all staff to use in business data handling.

File Encryption – WinZip

WinZip file encryption will be enabled on all staff University desktops and laptops through an automated software deployment. The software installation will be deployed in the background whilst the device is connected to the University network. Once complete the WinZip application will appear in the device Start Menu.

WinZip User Guide

The WinZip User Guide provides the following instructions:

  • How to encrypt an existing file or document.
  • How to encrypt a new document and attach to an email.
  • How to securely share files which are too large to attach to email.

WinZip Q&As

Yes, the Information Security Project Board has commissioned a number of data handling policies which cover secure data handling. The current guidance can be found on the University Policies and Regulations Web page.

Yes, WinZip allows you to select a number of files and attach them simultaneously to an email for sending to a recipient.

The WinZip default security setting deployed by the University is AES-256 encryption. This standard currently meets government, health and social care partner requirements. The data will only be decrypted when the correct password is input.

Encrypted data cannot be read without the password. This is why the University stipulates that the encrypted data and the password for the recipient must not be contained within the same email.

Important Note – WinZip

All email systems have a maximum attachment size for email attachments, this limit is usually 5Mb, this is a limit imposed both by the senders email system and the recipients email system.

If you have files exceeding this limit then you will need to contact ITS Service Desk who have access to additional secure file sharing tools. ITS Service Desk (ext. 2000) will be able to provide advice and assistance on selecting the most appropriate secure data sharing tools for your needs.