University of Wolverhampton Children's University

The University of Wolverhampton Children’s University currently operates across the Black Country, south Birmingham and Telford. We are proud to be part of the national Children’s University Trust™ which is an international organisation aiming to promote social mobility by providing highquality, exciting and innovative out-of-school-hours learning activities to children and young people aged 5-14 years of age.


Children who are signed up to the Children’s University own a Passport to Learning in which they are encouraged to collect hours of learning towards recognised levels of achievement. Annual CU graduation ceremonies are held at the University of Wolverhampton and we actively encourage families to attend.

 Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton, wholeheartedly supports the work of the Children’s University.

 ‘‘As the University of Opportunity, we are committed to raising the aspirations of children within our communities. Higher education has the power to transform lives, open doors and significantly improve a person’s life chances. The Children’s University is an excellent opportunity for children and young people to take part in interesting and fun activities, while also experiencing what life at university could be like. ‘‘

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There are a number of benefits to being part of the Children’s University

• It brings recognition to the enrichment programme.

• It’s a useful tool to target any vulnerable groups of children including under-achieving, more able, and LAC.

• Transition opportunities for both Y2 to Y3 and Y6 to Y7.

• CU provides a framework for community engagement.

• It’s a great marketing tool with parents – aspirational with a national profile.

  • Membership with the national Children’s University Trust, including use of the logos
  • Annual graduation ceremonies at the University of Wolverhampton         ‌    
  • Children’s University Trust certificates
  • Regular updates of newly validated Learning Destinations
  • Priority access to University outreach activities     
  • A University of Wolverhampton Children’s University newsletter
  • Access to the Children's University social media
  • 2 x self-inking CU stampers
  • Access to the Children’s University web pages, restricted as well as public
  • On-going professional support from your local CU coordinator and University of Wolverhampton staff

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