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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the URL for the web site?

The myWLV website is

How do I install the mobile apps?


Go to the AppStore search for “myWLV” and follow the on screen instructions. There is a min. iOS requirement of version 6.


Go to the Google play store search for “myWLV” and follow the on screen instructions. There is a min Android version of 4.0.

Is there a tablet version?

Yes, the app works on both iPads and Android tablets.

How can I personalise the interface?

When logging into the myWLV web site you can personalise both the web and mobile version independently.

This is done by:

  1. Selecting the relevant “Dashboard” (Home, Mobile)
  2. Clicking the personalise button (top right of screen).

From this screen you can do the following:

  • Move the position of tiles around the screen
  • Change the colour of tiles
  • Show/Hide tiles
  • Change the size of the tiles
  • Change the animation settings (scrolling text)
  • Restore to default

It is also possible to move tiles around on the mobile apps using your finger; by pressing and holding on the tile and then dragging it to its new location. Other changes must be made via the website.

How do I reset myWLV after personalising it?

Your myWLV settings (look and feel, tile positions, shown/hidden tiles) can be restored to default by:

  1. Logging into myWLV (
  2. Select the relevant dashboard (Home or Mobile) from the left hand menu
  3. Clicking the personalise button (top right)
  4. Scrolling down the right hand menu
  5. Click the “Reset Layout” button

How do I access other resources (e.g. course guides, campus maps)?

There are two ways, either via the tiles on the homepage or using the bookmarks functionality at the top of the screen.

I can’t login to myWLV

myWLV uses your standard University IT account (e.g. the same you use to access you email, Canvas etc.). Please use your email address and password.

If you are continuing to have problems please contact the ITS Service Desk

Why can’t I see any tiles when I log in?

myWLV is currently a pilot for students who are enrolled on a course that is primarily delivered on campus (undergraduate, postgraduate and research).

If you do not fall into this category you will not see any tiles.

If you do fall into this group and have not enrolled please contact Registry to progress your enrolment.

From full enrolment completion to being able to access myWLV can take up to 3 hours. If this time has elapsed and you still can not access please contact the ITS Service Desk

Why do I see different tiles to my friend?

This could be for one of two reasons:

  1. The tiles can be personalised by students so they may have hidden or moved some around their screen.
  2. The tiles are targeted to groups of students that the information is relevant to.

Does myWLV replace the University website, e:Vision or the VLE etc.?

No, myWLV is designed to give a single point of personalised access to the variety systems the University offers. This includes pulling through relevant information (e.g. deadlines, timetables) and linking to underlying systems.

What are my accessibility options?

myWLV supports the use of screen readers, changing of colours for better colour contrast, text resizing etc. If you are in need of more support please contact the Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW)

Why don’t I have access to myWLV?

myWLV is currently available as a pilot. The pilot group consists of taught Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research on-campus students.

What mobile devices is the native app available on?

iPhone & iPad (iOS 6 and above)

Android devices (Android 4 and above)

The mobile-optimised website will work on all mobile devices.

Will there be a link to myWLV on my desktop?

Yes on all University owned computers.

Contact Us

  • For any problems with incorrect data (e.g. wrong timetable, WOLF modules or assessment deadlines) pleae contact Registry
  • For any other problems with myWLV, please contact the ITS Service Desk

Contacting Faculty Student Services

You can either contact your Faculty Student Services, or log a call directly using the E:vision helpdesk.

Contacting the ITS Service Desk

The Service Desk contact details and opening times are:

Service Desk Phone Number: ext. 2000 internally, or (01902) 32 2000 externally.

Log your fault or request via email: 

Your fault or request will be logged automatically and you will receive an automated email which includes your reference number.  Please ensure that you include your username and an outline of your request you are making or the fault you are reporting. 

Term-time Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 7:00pm

Vacation Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm