Frequently Asked Questions

For the module events to appear you will need to be registered on the module in e:Vision.

Check you have registered for the module in e:Vision. If you need help with this or in checking your registrations please log into E:Vision and raise a call using the help button.

Yes, the myWLV calendar also pulls in calendar events from your Office 365 calendar.

To add events log into your email (via the “Mail” tile and click through to Outlook), click on Calendar and add an event there.

myWLV is designed for day to day usage.

To help you plan your day-to-day activities, myWLV will show calendar events stretching from the previous two weeks and up to 60 days in advance. The full academic timetable for your whole year is still available from the university website.

The calendar is created using information from existing locations, including e:Vision, Outlook and the University module timetable.

This will occur when your module has been split into groups. The timetable shows lectures for all groups on your module, and you must ask your module leader which group you are in for further support.

At this time, we are not able to provide completely personalised timetables. However, the information displayed in your calendar is specific to your course and modules.

If multiple entries appear for a module, please read the group information contained within the event to identify which session to attend.

If your timetable is incorrect, please log into E:Vision and raise a call using the help button.

Not at this time. The information displayed is read-only; therefore, entries cannot be amended or deleted via myWLV.

The information being displayed has been provided from existing locations such as e:Vision, Outlook and the University module timetable; therefore, if information is amended or deleted in these locations, myWLV will display the updated entry.

Calendar entries are categorised by type, using information from existing locations.

Personal categories can be created in your Office 365 calendar.

Please log into E:Vision and raise a call using the help button.

Following the launch there will be opportunities for students to provide feedback into the project both on their experiences and what functionality should be added. Please keep an eye on the student newsletters for more information.

Contact Us

  • If any of the timetables for your modules are incorrect or missing, please contact the team by logging into E:Vision and raising a call using the help button.
  • For any other problems please contact IT Support using the portal.

Contacting Faculty Student Services

You can either contact your Faculty Student Services, or log a call directly using the E:vision helpdesk.