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ERAS Fellows 2018-19

NameFacultyProject Title
Dr Ahmad Baroutaji  FSE  Crush and Energy Absorption Behaviour of SLM Manufactured Thin-Walled Structure with a Functionally Graded Thickness 
Dr Daisy Black  FoA  Play Time: Temporality, Gender and Conflict in Medieval Religious Drama  
Dr Marina Bock  FSE  Developing Guidleines for Use of Aluminium Structures in Off-Site Manufacturing of Pre-Fabricated Buildings 
Dr Angela Clifford  FEHW  Help-Seeking Among Family Caregivers to People Showing Early Signs of Dementia- A Preliminary Qualitative Study  
Dr Shashank Gupta  FSE  Analysis and Design of Low Cost Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) to Improve Resilience of Civil Engineering Structures 
Dr Jichun Li FSE  Modelling Ultrasonic Probes-Connective Tissue Interaction on a Phantom Foot Model Using Advanced Finite Element Method and Vibration Analysis Towards Better Shockwave Therapy of Plantar Fasciitis 
Dr Lisa Orchard  FEHW  Breastfeeding Intentions and the Role of Social Media 
Dr Samuel Salia FoSS Reaching the Hard To Reach: Providing Bottom of the Pyramid Entrepreneurs Access to Bank Finance Through Building a Credit Score Tool
Dr Maria Urbina  FoA  Reporting Migration in the Global South: Nationalism and Race in Chilean Social Media  
Dr Marcos Zampieri  RIILP  Identifying and Categorizing Offensive Language in Social Media