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ERAS Fellows 2011-12

Name School Project
Dr. Uchenna Paschal AnosikeUWBSEmpirical testing and validation of the relationship between internal marketing and employee performance
Dr. Andrew ConioSADDeleuze: Language, Subjectivity and Art
Dr. Denise DoyleSADImagination and the Virtual: Body, Space, Place
Dr. Nwebueze Giles EmekwuruSTechModelling the break-up of droplets in sprays
Dr. Louise FentonSADRepresentation of Voodoo and Witchcraft
Dr. Marta FillipovaSADGraphic arts and regional exhibitions: images of fairs in Wolverhampton and Prague in the 19th century
Dr. Niall GalbraithSASAdolescent thinking and belief (ATAB)
Dr. Lee Hubert-WilliamsSASDoes the trait mindfulness moderate the effects of potentially stressful life events on psychological wellbeing?
Dr. Ian McKeownUWBSExploring the impact of mentoring support on entrepreneurial learning and dynamic capability within small firm management teams
Dr. Georgios PaltoglouSTechSOpA: Social Opinion Aggregator
Dr. Lucia SpeciaRIILPSemantics for Machine Translation
Dr. Max StewartSADAn investigation into the use of metallic salts in coloured glass and how they can be used in a body if personal work 
Dr. Diwei ZhouStechMedical Image analysis for human brain study using statistical technologies


ERAS Conference Programme 2011-12