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ERAS Fellows 2006-07

Colin BoothSASMagnetic concentration measurements as a surrogate proxy for particle size: case studies using canal sediments and urban street dusts.
James BrownRIHS/SASObesity and Diabetes
Karin DannehlHAGRI/HLSSUse & Value: Objects in Early Modern England
Cecille HatierHAGRI/HLSSPolitical Thought of Sir Isaiah Berlin & Raymond Aron.
Paul JohnsonSSPALThe use of theatre/theatre techniques
Yvette LewisSAS‘Doing Self’ in Counselling Psychology Training
Claire MartinRIHS/SASDielectric Spectroscopy
Wendy NichollsSASInternet behaviour inventory
Brian ShipleeSASUS Federal policy on conservation
Peiyi  YuUWBSBarriers to entry in European banking