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ERAS Fellows 2015/16

Dr Arun Arjunan FSE

Investigation of the Acoustical and Airflow Performance of Stiffness Graded Porous Geometries using Nylon 12

Dr Kesley Attridge FSE

Cutting out the middleman: Do cancer cells communicate directly with CD4 T cells to establish immunosuppression?

Dr Ahmad Beltagui FoSS 3D printing: a new industrial revolution?
Dr Aglaia Foteinou FoA

3D sound production for live performances based on object-based approach

Dr Ian Lahart FEHW

The use of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation services for cancer patients: a pilot study

Dr Vinita Nahar RIILP Are you safe online? – User-based harassment detection in Twitter
Dr Tina Smith FEHW

The associations between sedentary behaviour and impact characteristics on bone health