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NameFacultyProject Title
Dr Manpal Bhogal FEHW Perpetrating electronic intrusion in romantic relationships: The roles of romantic jealousy, self-esteem, attachment style(s), mate value discrepanicies, and intra-sexual competition.  
Dr Alison Forbes FEHW Advance to industry: developing an intervention to advance students' abilities to articulate industry relevent skills and experiences to future employers. 
Dr Simon Harris FoA The Electric Cherry Blossom Revisited
Dr Claire Jones FEHW The influence of thinking styles and reasoning on perceptions of terrorism and terrorist-related behaviour change.
Dr Stefano Kaburu FSE Investigation of mother-infant, face-to-face interactions among long-tailed macaques (macaca fasticularis) 
Dr Joanne Meredith FEHW  The construction of political identities in post-Brexit UK
Dr Opeolu Ojo FSE  Actions of novel hybrid peptides on hyperglycaemia and vascular dysfunction in experimental diabetes
Dr Metka Potocnik FoSS Breaking monopolies: a feminist approach to intellectual property in the creative industries.
Dr Mandeep Saini FSE A framework to advance the standard of the occupant's health, wellbeing and productivity in social housing.  
Dr Chelsea Slater  FEHW  Incels: Underatanding the perceived threat and how people can find themselves involved with a hate group.