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Jobs in the creative industries are diverse and exciting. Art and design graduates find work in advertising and marketing; crafts; product, fashion and graphic design; TV, film and radio; gaming and animation; photography; visual arts; illustration and publishing; museums and galleries; and teaching.

The Creative Industries contributed £115.9bn in GVA to the UK economy in 2019, which is greater than aerospace, automotive, life sciences and oil and gas sectors combined.

Source: Creative UK

The Creative Industries generate £21.2bn in turnover every year, and people employ over 2 million in the UK. The creative industries are an important part of the West Midlands too providing around 50,000 jobs, and generating over £4 billion “gross value added”.

Source: Arts Council

For every 1 job directly created by the arts and culture industry, an additional 1.65 jobs are supported in the wider economy.

Source: Arts Council

The creative industries - including film, TV, music, fashion and design, arts, architecture, publishing, advertising, video games and crafts - are an undoubted strength of our economy; indeed, they are at the heart of the nation’s competitive advantage.

Source: Government Policy Paper (Creative Industries Sector Deal)

The creative industries are at the heart of the UK’s competitive advantage, and - in the face of technological transformation at home and new possibilities globally - represent a major strategic opportunity.

Source: Government Policy Paper (Creative Industries Sector Deal)

Graduates from the School of Creative Industries work in a huge variety of interesting and fulfilling roles where they can apply their creativity and interests. Take a look at some of the career journeys of our graduates below to get a sense of what might be possible in your career.


Student photographed in the motion capture suite, in the Screen school

Fine Art student sketching at their desk whilst chewing a pen

What happens on an arts, design and media degree?

Throughout your course you will be taught industry specific skills and work towards building a great portfolio of work

All our courses build career learning into their curriculum and you will have the chance to learn about the creative industries and build robust career plans that’ll help you achieve your goals.

There are also opportunities to hear guest speakers from industry, take part in creative briefs, undertake work experience, enter competitions and showcase your work in exhibitions.

The curriculum is geared towards your career success! 


Inspiration for your creative career

The creative industries are exciting, vibrant and developing all the time, providing huge societal benefit, and creating new jobs in response to new technology and ideas.

There is a plethora of creative roles available to arts, design and media graduates, so you can be very optimistic about your career after University.

These are some of the skills and attributes you gain on an arts, design or media course

  • Idea generation
  • Conceptual skills
  • Research skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Project management
  • Managing time and deadlines
  • IT skills
  • Applying technology to design
  • Commercial awareness
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Working independently
  • Formulating independent judgements
  • Presenting your work visually, orally and in writing
  • Responding to a brief
  • Team working skills
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Using your own initiative
  • Self motivation
  • Organising your workload
  • Prioritisation skills
  • Competence in using materials, media, tools and technologies
  • The ability to organise your work and manage your time effectively
  • Design processes
  • Lateral thinking
  • Leadership
  • Taking onboard criticism
  • Pitching ideas and solutions
  • Continuous learning
  • Flexible thinking
  • Resilience
  • Digital fluidity

Here are a selection of jobs WSA graduates were in 6 months after graduating

  • Running own pottery business
  • Trainee Ceramicist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Assistant Designer
  • Student Welfare Assistant in a school
  • Assistant Designer
  • Brand Specialist
  • Creative Assistant
  • Graduate Intern
  • Surface Pattern Designer
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Textiles Teacher
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Freelance Artist
  • Accounts Manager in a hospital
  • Graduate Intern at a university
  • Support Worker for a mental health charity
  • Graphic Designer
  • Design and Marketing Manager
  • Administrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Illustrator
  • Reprographics Assistant
  • Surveyor
  • Interior Designer
  • Junior Furniture Designer
  • Disability Assessor
  • Disability Adviser
  • Photography Assistant
  • Photographer
  • Photographer and General Assistant in a photography studio
  • Photographic Lab Assistant
  • Trainee Digital Marketer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Volunteer Promotional Assistant for a performing arts society
  • Design and Technical Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Design Engineer
  • Draughtswoman and Designer
  • Furniture Design Authoriser
  • Animator
  • Junior Creative Assistant at a fashion retailer
  • Poster Designer
  • Rep Supervisor for an online retailer
  • E-learning technologist
  • Game Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Inventory Control for an engineering company
  • Business Support Administrator
  • Curriculum leader
  • Customer Adviser
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Marketing and Internet Research Officer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Personal Assistant to a Government Minister
  • PR Account Executive
  • Promotional Assistant for a newspaper
  • Recruitment Officer
  • Researcher for an arts development agency
  • Self-employed film writer
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Teaching assistant
  • Trainee Manager
  • Video Technician
  • Graduate Intern for independent charity
  • Videographer
  • Box Office Assistant
  • Business Support Administrator
  • Curriculum leader
  • Customer Adviser
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Marketing and Internet Research Officer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Personal Assistant to a Government Minister
  • PR Account Executive
  • Promotional Assistant for a newspaper
  • Recruitment Officer
  • Researcher for an arts development agency
  • Self employed film writer
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Teaching assistant
  • Trainee Manager
  • Video editor
  • Media production intern
  • Trainee journalist
  • Media Technician
  • Administrator
  • Event Programmer
  • Student Records Intern
  • DJ

Female student working on a large abstract painting  of mostly orange, blue and purple

2 students, one male one female, recording a TV newslot in the TV studio in the screen school

Gain industry experience before you graduate!

Live Briefs, Placements, Commissions, Projects and Competitions

We provide opportunities for our students to experience professional practice and work on subject-specific live briefs led by external clients. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to undertake professional placements and engage with interdisciplinary collaborative practice.

Enabling students to gain experience, develop skills and build confidence, forming a solid foundation on which to begin their creative journey.


Signpost with arrows that point you in direction of support for your creative journey

Helping you on your way

As well as the work you have done on your course, employers and clients want to see that you have sharpened your skills through extra-curricular projects, work experience and activities.

There are so many things you can get involved with to help you on your way, and there is support throughout your course and after graduation.

Whether you would like to speak to us about creative career options, how to get started in a particular field, work experience, job seeking or promoting yourself effectively for opportunities, there are appointments available daily.

Book at:

Career SPACE is our careers information portal containing career pathway videos, interactive tools, and information and advice on a multitude of career topics.


If you are a final year student or recent graduate, tap into all of the support available to you through booking a careers coaching appointment. We will help you clarify your goals, make a plan to achieve these and, if you would like to, have regular meetings to keep you feeling positive

See The Class of 2023 programme

Volunteering is a great way to practice your skills outside of your university course. Opportunities are with local and national charities and available in areas such as branding, web design, social media content creation, videography, photography, events co-ordination, mentoring, befriending and workshop facilitation.

See our volunteering section

Register with the University’s jobs board for a wide range of jobs, including graduate jobs, part time, internships, summer work and work on campus. The Jobs Board is a quick way to see creative and non creative jobs with employers who are particularly keen to recruit UoW students and graduates. If you’d like a part time job to earn some money whilst you study this is also the best place to look.


In response to the pandemic and the trend for home working, many companies are now offering virtual experience opportunities. These range from 6 hours to 12 weeks and allow you to gain an insight into working for a particular company or industry. A wide range of companies and charities are offering these opportunities, right across the world.  

See our virtual-opportunities section 

Freelancing is working as a self-employed professional for multiple employers working full-time or part-time.

The Enterprise Department can help you reflect on your existing talents and hone your skills to begin your own viable business and turn your passion into a profit. Enjoy the work life balance: the flexibility, the autonomy, and the greater job satisfaction.

We are here to help you enhance your entrepreneurial flair.

See our Enterprise section

Creative Futures

Creative Futures

Encouragement and insight to make your creative career a reality!

A great way to understand the opportunities available and how to start you career is to hear from people working in creative fields.

ArtsFest Online hosts a series of Creative Futures career talks where creatives share insider knowledge on forging a career pathway within the arts. 

These talks are led by professionals working in the creative industries, many Wolverhampton graduates. Learn about their career journeys so far, the challenges they have faced and how they made it happen.


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