Using the Internet in University Accommodation

You can use your own computer or mobile device to connect to the Internet free of charge in all study bedrooms in University Accommodation. All the bedrooms have wired network points, and are also covered by wireless supplied by Glide. However, the signal strength varies between rooms, so you may get better results using a wired outlet.

If you need to connect more than one device in your room, don't buy a home router (wireless or otherwise), because it won't work on our network. What you need is an Ethernet switch, such as the Netgear FS605. This will also cost you less (at time of writing less than £20 from Amazon). If you've already bought a home router, you can use it as long as everything is plugged into the LAN ports. Don't plug anything into the WAN port, and switch the wireless off.

To connect to the wired network socket in your room

To connect to the wired network in the Residences you'll need an Ethernet (UTP) cable, available from University catering outlets and from IT retailers. This plugs into the Ethernet socket, generally above the desk in your room.

The plugs on a UTP Ethernet lead have 8 gold pins, and the cable is round. Please do not confuse it with an old-style modem lead, where the cable is generally flat, and the plugs are more square and have 4 or 6 pins:

UTP connector
Modem connector

If you plug a modem lead into a UTP socket, you will damage it.

Internet Television

The Freewire TV service, which can be used from any wired outlet, provides a number of Freeview channels via the Internet. The service is free, unless you subscribe to the pay channels (similar to those offered by NTL and Sky, though Sky's own channels are not included at present). These are only available at City Campus and Walsall.

The selection of channels available at Telford is smaller, because of the network requirements, and does not include the pay channels.

Although the service is free, you must have a TV license to use this service legally.


Need Help?

Contact the Accommodation Services Networks Advisor on 01902-321268 or email to make an appointment.