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Photography Facilities

Photography Facilities

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BA (Hons) Photography and MA Digital and Visual Communications (Photography) students have access to some of the best photography facilities available anywhere in the UK. Both analogue and digital photographic practices are equally represented with traditional darkrooms (for black & white and full colour processing), a dedicated digital editing suite and a large photo studio with vehicle access.

Virtual tour of the Photography Facilities

Click on the image below and take a tour around our facilities, please note the Mattertag hotspots (white circles) – these contain information about specific equipment.


Facilities include

Commercial studio facilities
  • Full size White cove
  • Full size Black cove
  • Model changing/make-up room
  • Vehicle access
  • Comfortable break-out spaces
  • Digital tethering capabilities
  • Dedicated digital editing suite (with drum scanners)
  • Social space (with provision for professional meetings & presentation)
  • Personal lockers for kit and books
  • Private studio
  • Dedicated product shoot studio
  • All studios supported with Broncolor and Bowens professional lighting systems and an online remote booking service
Camera systems (digital & analogue)
  • Digital systems including: Hasselblad, Pentax, Canon and Nikon
  • Analogue systems including: Horseman 5x4, Wista, Hasselblad, Mamiya and Nikon.
Traditional processing & printing
  • Analogue film developing
  • Large black & white darkroom
  • Alternative processes darkroom (wet-plate collodion, cyanotypes, gum bichromate, salt printing, liquid light)
  • Full colour darkroom with print machine
Output and finishing
  • Access to specialist in-house digital printing service
  • Dedicated spacious photography finishing room
  • Gallery space for exhibitions
Media Stores
  • Online remote booking
  • Dedicated kit for photography students
  • Access to other media resources
Photography Facilities
Photography student setting up a camera and a tripod in the main photography studio
Photography Facilities
Photography student using a medium format camera on a tripod in the main photography studio
2 Photography students setting up a photoshoot in the large photography studio
Photography Facilities
Photography Facilities
Photography Facilities
Photography student developing a black and white image in the photography darkroom.
Photography Facilities
Photography Facilities
Photography Facilities

In Focus

Explore our facilities in more detail

Including our traditional Black & White Darkroom, Basement Studio, Private Studio and Pro Photo Studio with white and black Infinity Coves.

In Addition

We have a spacious photography Finishing Room and access to a specialist in-house digital printing service – the Print Support Hub. 

Photography Finishing Room

Our dedicated spacious photography finishing room contains everything you need to professionally mount your work ready for display. Including large scale cutting mats, straight cutting edges and plan chests to safely store your work.

Print Support Hub 

The Print Support Hub is a technically supported, open access area. It offers all School of Art students a range of specialist printers that are capable of printing onto a vast array of different materials.


  • A3 Risograph printer
  • 2 medium format high-end Epson printers (A4, A3, A3+ and A2)
  • Large format thermal lithographic printer
  • Large Format Mimaki textile printer
  • Large Format Mimaki textile printer

The room also offers two large format scanners that will scan artwork up to A0 size.

Learn more about the Print Support Hub