PC Finder

Use our new service PC Finder to locate the nearest available computer for you to use.


On your mobile device, using a web browser, type:


If your mobile device asks to use your current location, then select OK.

The Geo-location service will give you a distance to the nearest Campus with available computers.

PC Finder 1

Initially PC Finder will list by Campus along with distance in miles and availability of computers.

The following explains the Colour indicator chart.

  • Green - indicates that a Windows computer is turned on with no-one currently logged in to it.
  • Amber - indicates that the computer may either be switched off, or powered up in Linux.
  • Red - indicates that the computer is either currently being used, or down for maintenance.

You can also drill-down to view which building the PCs are located in and by room.

To do this, simply select the Campus name followed by building name to see the available PCs listed by room number.

PC Finder 2

The example shown above lists the available PCs within the MX building on City campus.