Using VoiceMail

CISCO IP Phone – 7911, 7912, 7940 or 7960 Series

A brief guide to setting up and using the VoiceMail (Voice Messaging) facility on a Cisco IP telephone – 7911/7912 or 7960 series.

This is not available as standard on these phones. If you think you need it, please contact the IT Service Desk for advice on ext. 2000.

Initial Set up 

Some initial set up is required to record your name, standard greeting, and change the initial pin.
Your standard greeting is what callers hear when they get through to your Voicemail. You should set up your own greeting - plan what you want to say before you access the Voicemail function on your phone.
Also think of a pin of at least 4 numbers, but not sequential or strings of numbers, e.g. you can’t use 1234 or 7777.
Whenever Voicemail is accessed on your phone, the pin has to be entered to prevent other people from listening to your messages.

Access Voicemail and Start Setup

  • 7911/7912 Phone:- Press the Msgs/Message softkey.
  • 7940/7960 Phone:- Press the Envelope button. 
  • Enter the default pin which is 123654. 
  • If you get an error message, please contact the IT Service Desk for advice. 

Set up your name and greeting

  • Pick up the handset and follow the instructions to:
  • enter your recorded name and 
  • enter your standard greeting. 
  • Press # (hash) to verify each of these when you are asked to do so. 

Change your Pin 

  • Listen to the instructions to set your own pin.

Set Up VoiceMail 

You can either use VoiceMail to forward all your calls to your VoiceMail, in which case your phone won't ring, or you can use it for callers to leave a message when your phone is not answered or is engaged.

To Forward all your calls to VoiceMail

This forwards all your calls to your VoiceMail box, so your phone won't ring. If your phone is engaged, your calls will also be forwarded to your VoiceMail box.
  • Press the CfwdAll softkey (press the more softkey if it's not displayed) 
  • You will hear two beeps 
  • Enter 8150 
  • You will hear two confirmation beeps again 
  • Calls are now diverted 
To cancel forwarding to your VoiceMail box, press the CfwdAll softkey again.

To Forward unanswered or engaged calls to VoiceMail

You can also use VoiceMail when you are away from your desk for a short time, or to enable callers to leave a message when your phone is engaged.
You can manage the diverts on your phone online by using the Call Manager User website.

Change your Settings 

Press 4 to access Setup Options from the main menu.
  4 1 Greetings 
  4 2 Message settings 
  4 3 Preferences 
  4 4 Transfer settings 

Change your Greetings

  4 1 1 Change your standard greeting 
  4 1 3 3 Change your alternate greeting 
  4 1 2 Switch your alternate greeting on/off 

Change your PIN

  4 3 1 Change your PIN 

Select full or brief menus

  4 2 3 Switch between full or brief menus 

Listen to and Manage your Messages 

Listen to your Messages 

On your phone

When you have VoiceMail, you will see a solid red light on your handset, and a message displayed:-
“You Have VoiceMail”.
  • Access VoiceMail, then press 1 to hear new messages. 
  • Press 3 to listen to old messages. 

From another phone on or off campus

  • Dial 518885, or ext. 8885 
  • Enter your ID (which is your extension number) followed by # 
  • Enter your VoiceMail pin followed by # 

While listening to a message 

You can change the speed of playback etc. by using the following keys:
  1 Restart message 
  2 Save 
  3 Delete 
  4 Slow playback 
 Fast playback 
  7 Rewind message 
  8 Pause/resume 
  9 Fast-forward 
  # Fast-forward to end 
  ## Save as is 

After listening to a message 

You can save, delete, forward messages etc. by using the following keys:
  1 Replay message 
  2 Save 
  3 Delete 
  5 Forward message 
  6 Save as new 
  7 Rewind 
  9 Play message properties 
  # Save as is 
If you choose to forward a message, the default is for you to spell the name of the person you want to forward it to. However, you can change this to entering the extension number by pressing ## to 'switch between spelling and number entry'. There is also an option to add an introduction to a forwarded message.

Good Practice with VoiceMail 

  • Record your own standard greeting so callers receive a more personalised message from you. 
  • Check your incoming voicemail messages regularly throughout the day so callers get a prompt response. 
  • Remember to change your standard greeting or divert your calls to a colleague if you will be out of the office for a longer period. 
Don't use VoiceMail for long absences away from the office - messages will build up, and will not be dealt with while you are away.
Instead, either: 
  1. divert your phone to another extension, (which will automatically cancel forwarding to your VoiceMail box), or 
  2. set up and activate your Alternate Greeting telling callers that you are away and asking them to ring another number. If you do this, remember to forward your calls to your VoiceMail box before you leave!  

More Help and Information 

Please ring the IT Service Desk on ext. 2000 if you require further assistance with using the VoiceMail facility on your phone.