Dialling University Phones

From Inside the University

From inside the University just dial the extension number you require.

From Outside the University

Most University telephones can be dialled directly from outside the University. There are exceptions, such as telephones in public areas, classrooms and corridors. Also, speed dial numbers only work when dialled from an internal extension. You won't get through if you try and dial them from outside using 01902-326***.

To call a University phone use the extension number with national dialling code and prefix, as shown below. The exception to this is extension numbers beginning with '5', which cannot be dialled from outside the University (and can only make internal calls).

Telephone extension numbers

National code and prefix


1000 - 3999

01902 32

To call 1000

Dial 01902 321000

4000 - 4499 (SciencePark)

01902 82

To call 4000

Dial 01902 824000

7368 - 7677 (SciencePark)

01902 83

To call 7677

Dial 01902 837677

8200 - 8999

01902 51

To call 8800

Dial 01902 518800

If dialling from outside the UK you will need to add the local code for International calls (usually 00), the UK code (44) and drop the leading zero. So for example to call the University switchboard from most countries you dial 00 44 1902 321000.

If you have any further queries which are not addressed in these pages, please contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 2000 internally or (01902) 322000 externally.