Cisco IP 7937 Conference Phone

Conference Phone Guidance notes.

  1. You need a live phone
  2. If you need to phone external numbers you will need EXTENSION MOBILITY
  3. Remove network cable from live phone and plug into IP conference phone
  4. Check for the dial tone – press the green telephone symbol to check - press again to switch off
  5. Press the ‘globe’ and then ‘Services’
  6. Press ‘3’ for extension mobility
  7. Input your credentials
  8. Call the person who is joining the conference call (remember to press the green telephone number)
  9. Wait to connect and you may need to press the ‘more’ key
  10. Press ‘Confrn’ for the conference call
  11. If other people are joining, dial their number and press ‘Confrn’ again
  12. Remember to log out extension mobility when call has ended by first pressing ‘globe’, selecting Services > Select > Exit extension mobility > Yes to log out
  13. Please ensure you wait for confirmation of log out

Conference Phone