How we comply with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

The University of Wolverhampton has been keen to respond proactively to the compliance advice issued by the Competition and Markets Authority to the Higher Education sector in relation to the nature of the agreement made between the University and the student prior to the acceptance of any offer made by the University.

  1. Corporate Management Team working group has met regularly and which includes representation from Academic departments, professional service areas with the particular task to take forward compliance with consumer protection legislation, and student representation. Read our Policies and Regulations.

  2. The University’s formal Terms and Conditions for acceptance of a place on an undergraduate course of study have been revised and updated and will be reviewed annually by the Student Recruitment Sub-Committee.

  3. Material information for courses of study has been developed and is being sent out to all candidates being made an offer of a place on a course of study.

  4. Information on additional costs incurred by students on courses of study, including liability for student fees, is currently being reviewed. This information will be made available to enrolled students and applicants, and will be included within the University’s material information for each course of study. Read our Fee Liability, Refunds and Debtor Policy.

  5. The University has amended Bye Law 4 to ensure academic penalties are not levied for non-academic debt.

  6. Work has been undertaken to provide a user-friendly interface to the University’s academic regulation and other provisions governing the student experience, accompanied by information about related sources of information advice and guidance.

  7. Guidance notes have been developed for staff involved in Open Days. These were circulated to Admissions contacts in academic departments.

  8. Departments have been referred to the Statement of Good Practice on Higher Education Course Changes and Closures jointly produced by the HEFCE, Guild HE, the Association of Colleges, Study UK, the Independent Universities Group and Universities UK and reminded about procedures for discontinuing courses of study, including necessary planning horizons and good practice in the involvement of students in curriculum change.

  9. A communications plan been developed to ensure that colleagues across the University, whatever their role, will, in addition to being able to take advantage of online information and guidance, be able to attend a briefing session on CMA guidance and our collective responsibilities under consumer protection legislation in order to ask questions, seek clarification and feel better able to discharge their own role.

  10. CMA briefing sessions are held regularly delivered to colleagues working in the areas of teaching and learning, admissions and recruitment, and marketing and communications respectively.

  11. The University regularly reviews its complaints framework: Current Student Complaints.