Financial Information

Financial information

What’s in a number?

The financial health of the University is one of our key priorities and these charts, which will be updated every year based on our audited annual financial statements, show how our money is generated and spent.

OTHER INCOME – this is money coming into the University and covers a wide range of things but here are a few examples: accommodation income, catering, bus fares, commercial training income.

OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES – all our non-pay costs and here are a few examples: energy (this is a massive cost at the minute), student kit, repairs, property maintenance, IT kit replacements, overseas agents’ commission for recruiting students, stationery, equipment hire and even things like Marketing and Advertising.

DEPRECIATION – when we buy an asset, for example, like a building over time it will deteriorate and become worth less than when we bought it. We need to estimate what its “lifespan” might be, which is how long we think it will last before we need to replace it. We then reduce its value over that period and that cost is depreciation.

EXPENDITURE – money going out.