Strategic Planning Office

The Strategic Planning Office is responsible for providing a comprehensive range of statistics & data analysis for our colleagues in the University and to external bodies.

This includes Enrolment Monitoring, Targets vs. Enrolments, Progression/Retention, various external returns (such as the HESA return) and much more. We are also involved in many other aspects of the University's functions such as the Academic Development Process, Fee Information, Target Setting, Surveys (including the NSS) and Freedom of Information requests.

If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request, please contact our Data Protection & Freedom of Information Officer via the following link: or visit our Freedom of Information pages

If you are a member of staff at the University of Wolverhampton and have a valid IT account, you can access some of our reports and analysis by logging into our staff page here.

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Transparency Return

The information published within the Transparency 2023 document shows:

The number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award, or a particular level of such an award, on completion of their course with us.

It shows these numbers by reference to:

  • the gender of the individuals to which they relate
  • their ethnicity
  • their socioeconomic background

For further information on Transparency please visit the OfS webpages

See below files for supporting data sheets

The University of Wolverhampton - Transparency Return 2023