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A: You can apply for accommodation via your e:Vision account.  Your e:Vision ‘Username’ is your 7 digit University of Wolverhampton Student Number and not your UCAS/GTTR number.  You will find your number at the top of your welcome letter.  Your password was sent to you in your 'Welcome Email' when we first received your course application.  If you’ve forgotten this password or did not receive the email and need to generate a new one, click on the 'Forgot Password' link on the e:Vision page.  A new password will be emailed to the email address we hold on record for you.  These instructions and email address will be stated on your 'Welcome Letter'.

A: Don’t panic there are no deadlines for applying for accommodation. Applications for accommodation can be made at any time, but just remember that rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are planning on applying with a group of friend or for one of the smaller flats (with up to 3 bedrooms) probably best to get your application in early.

A: Without beating around the bush the simple answer is no, we are unable to send offers of accommodation to students who have chosen Wolverhampton as their insurance choice.  If you decide at a later date to make Wolverhampton your firm choice, then contact The Accommodation Hub and we will send you an offer of accommodation. 

The latest accommodation prices are listed on our webpages, you can them here - Accommodation Fees

A: The accommodation fee includes all utility bills, internet access and limited contents insurance. Ensuite (City, Walsall and Telford) TV and comfy seating in kitchens.

A: Yes, you are required to make an advanced rent payment of £300.00 at the time of signing the Accommodation Licence Agreement. The prepayment will automatically be offset against the final instalment.

A: Unfortunately no pets are allowed within the Accommodation. This includes caged pets (such as birds and hamsters) and pets in tanks (such as reptiles and fish). 

Exceptions can be made for pets such as guide dogs etc, please contact The Accommodation Hub on 01902 321268 for more information.  

A: It is up to you to keep your room and bathroom (if you are within an ensuite room) clean and tidy this is also applicable to communal areas. 

A: If you wish to live with a friend or a group of friends then you can either complete a group application which is available from the Accommodation Hub Office, Lomas Street or you can email them via CityAccommodationHub@wlv.ac.uk detailing the names of all the people who want to live together. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requests.

A: Accommodation is offered to student for the duration of the academic period only. If your academic year is only 1 semester then you can apply for a semester licence. Accommodation is also obtainable dependent upon availability, for further details contact CityAccommodationHub@wlv.ac.uk  

A: Yes, there’s a free shuttle bus services from each of the campuses. 

A: Yes, we always take into consideration any disability or medical issue you may have. At The Accommodation Hub we on hand to offer advice and answer any question, so feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. We often require a referral from the Universities Enabling Centre to confirm this so please contact them. We will also request that you complete an Accommodation Medical Assessment Form that we will email out to you. 

A: We always try to get as close to your preferences as possible, but unfortunately due to the high volumes of applications this does mean a few compromises. We allocate on a first-come, first-served basis and the more popular sites fill up first.

A: You will need to accept your offer of accommodation within 5 days otherwise we assume you no longer require it and it will be cancelled, be checking your emails and junk mail just in case around this time. If you still w, ant university accommodation you need to contact the relevant hub on the campus that you have applied to live on. City Campus via CityAccommodationHub@wlv.ac.uk, Walsall Campus Via Walsallhub@wlv.ac.uk and Telford Hub via Telfordhub@wlv.ac.uk, However to keep things fair this would go through as a new application so we can no longer guarantee a place.

A: If you are not happy with your room once you arrive there will be an opportunity to apply for a transfer from the end of October.  You will need to log a helpcall on e:Vision.  If we are able to transfer you there will be an administrative fee of £25.00. 

A. Nope just the advanced rent payment of £300.00 at the time of signing the Accommodation Licence Agreement.

A: A breakdown of all of your payments, options and dates is available in the accommodation information section.

A: When you arrive you will be given an inventory form to fill in where you report any damage/ware and tear (if any) that exists in your room. From that point on if you find anything that needs repairing or issues with your room then you can log these on HRAMs The inventory form can’t be forgotten about otherwise you may be charged for any damage at the end of your Licence Agreement after your room inspection. If any damage occurs during the year you can request for repairs to be undertaken by logging the damage on the HRAMs Reporting system.

A: If you require an extension to your time within the accommodation you will need to inform your relevant Campus Hub towards the end of your contract period. This will be subject to availability.

A: Unfortunately due to data protection we can’t give you names of your new flatmates before you arrive.

A: Yes you can apply online from the end of January or you can pick up an application from your relevant campus hub. Good news is you can apply to live with the same people in your flat or any new friends you have made at uni.

A: We do offer accommodation for a semester at a time, but if you are looking for something a little shorter it will depend on if we have any vacancies at the time you need it – but we will do everything we can to source accommodation for you. If we are talking days rather than weeks we can also provide information on local guest houses and hotels.

A:  Congrats! For all the information you need on how to accept your offer follow the instructions on your offer letter 

A: Unfortunately we ask you not to have the following items in your room for safety reasons:

  • Cooking appliances (such as toasters, rice cookers etc)
  • Kettles
  • Candles
  • Joss Sticks
  • Oil Burners
  • Smoking Equipment (such as bongs, shisha, ashtrays etc)
  • Electric & Halogen Heaters/Fans
  • Mini Fridges/Freezers
  • Ceremonial knives
  • E-cigarettes
  • Large Speakers
  • Motor Parts, i.e. Car Bonnets, Tyres, Parts of Engines with oil on them. (This is particularly for Telford Engineering Students)

And no goes for the kitchens/communal areas:

  • Deep-Fat Fryers
  • Chip Pans
  • Rice Cookers (can only be used if they have a 3 pin plug conforming to British Standards).

A: If you want to cancel your Accommodation, you should check out if you are eligible to by reading your Cancellation Right first.

If you are eligible, then you should contact your relevant Campus Hub:

City Campus: 01902 321268 or email us at CityAccommodationHub@wlv.ac.uk

Telford Hub 01902 32 3900 or email us at Telfordhub@wlv.ac.uk

Walsall Campus Hub: 01902 32 51 8961 or email Walsallhub@wlv.ac.uk

A: The Accommodation Hub does not have a drop in doctor or dentist, however we do have a list of local doctors and dentists available online.

A: The hot water is on 24/7, the heating is set to a timer

A: all maintenance issues should be reported onto HRAMs

A: If you have a noise neighbour, you can call campus security who will respond to your issue and investigate it. Security are on site 24/7 to handle any issues. If the issue persists, you can log an e:vision query and The Accommodation Hub will do their best to resolve it for you.

A: Yep – didn’t expect that one? If you want to throw a party all you need to do is request permission by filling in the party application form and hand it in at least 48 hours before the event. This is within reason of course so have a read through the info on the Party Application Form.  

A: Post is delivered to the postal boxes.

  • At City Campus they are located at the entrance of each accommodation block.
  • At Walsall Campus they are located in WA Building.
  • At Telford Campus they are located in Main Reception in SA Building.

A: All University Accommodation is non-smoking. Anyone who smokes must use the designated smoking areas. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.

We offer accommodation across 3 different campuses, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Telford. You can apply to live at whichever campus you want, so make sure you check out the Where Can I Live Pages webpages.

We do have accommodation for mature students, it’s mostly an exclusive block of shared flats within the campus accommodation. For more information contact The Accommodation Hub by emailing CityAccommodationHub@wlv.ac.uk  

Student Voice

Graphic explaining Student Voice and Student Representatives

Join our Student Voice, where you can assist us with your feedback on your experience, suggest how we can make improvements to make your stay more enjoyable and comment on the processes and procedures we have in place.

These will be held at each campus, and we are always looking for volunteers for people to get more involved, please contact your local hub for more information.

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