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New Students

You can apply for 2024/2025 Accommodation. You can apply online as soon as you have confirmed your offer of a place on a course with the University of Wolverhampton.

We've made it nice and easy for you with our e:vision system! Here you can select and apply for your accommodation all you need is your student number!  

Subject Allocations

You can have the opportunity to live with students who are studying within the same subject areas.  If you would be interested in living with students who are undertaking similar courses to yourself, then do not hesitate to email us at 

Where can I live?

We offer both ensuite and standard accommodation at our City Campus. Telford and Walsall both offer ensuite accommodation. Check out what we have to offer at each campus here: Where can I live?

Living With Friends 

We are also giving you the opportunity to apply to live within a friendship group, if there are a number of you who wish to live together on the same corridor, then email and we will try to meet your requirements.  There are application forms for returning students available from your local Campus Information Hub. 

If you are unable to apply online, you will need to contact City Accommodation Hub and a manual application pack will be sent to you.

To make sure your name is down for the halls you want to live in you will need to make an advanced rent payment of £300, this works a little like a deposit and will be deducted from your final instalment of accommodation fees.

You can do this online via the login portal once you have accepted your Licence Agreement.

Your Facilities Information Hub manages the student accommodation at all campuses across the University. We will assist you if you have any problems in the accommodation or if you are experiencing any difficulties with the people you live with. We will also help you if you want to change rooms or if you have any invoice queries

Due dates for your payments will be sent out with your contract, so make sure you write them in your diary and better still budget for them!

Accommodation fees are due for payment either:

  • In advance of arrival
  • On arrival
  • On receipt of an invoice. (The dates for payments will be stated on the invoice)

If you require Financial Support during your stay there are a couple of ways you can get help; check out our webpages for more information. 

Here is all the legal information that you will need to know about your £300 advanced rent payment, it might seem a bit lengthy but have a read through as you don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation…

In conjunction with the terms of the Accommodation Licence Agreement, deductions can be taken from the advanced rent payment. 

This is with reference to clauses;

7.3          This Licence Agreement may be terminated by You if:

a) the University is in serious breach of its obligations under this Licence Agreement and/or Your student contract for study at the University;

b) You have medical welfare grounds for terminating (details of which can be found in the 

c) You have academic grounds for termination (details of which can be found in the 

d) You no longer wish to study at the University.

7.4          Where You wish to terminate as a result of an issue arising under clause 7.3 above, You will no longer be obliged to make further payments of the Licence Fee.  The provision of clause 8 apply to Your departure from the University Accommodation.

7.5          You may only otherwise terminate this Licence Agreement during the Residential Year having received the University’s written consent to do so.  To make an application to terminate under this clause 7.5, you will need to submit a completed Request for Cancellation of Accommodation form to the Accommodation Office which will then be considered by the University. 

7.6          If You are terminating because You are withdrawing / taking a leave of absence or transferring courses, then written confirmation of this from the appropriate school must be provided to Accommodation Hub Office before they can consider any refund or cancellation of payment obligations.  

7.7          In all cases, where You wish to exercise Your right to terminate, You acknowledge that, save where You are terminating for reasons specified in clause 7.3(a) and (b), You will continue to be liable for the full Licence Fee unless the University or You are/are able to find a replacement person to take on the outstanding liability for these amounts. 

7.8          You will remain responsible for complying with this Agreement until terminated.

With the exception of visa refusals or you not obtaining a place on a course at the University of Wolverhampton you will not receive a full refund of your Licence Fee. (Written confirmation of this refusal will be required from UCAS or the University of Wolverhampton.) 

There are a number of scenarios that can lead to amounts being deducted from the Accommodation advanced rent payment;

What Happens If The University Does Not Offer You A Place On A Course?

If you apply for accommodation, and then accept a place within the University Accommodation, but then the University of Wolverhampton decide not to offer you a place on a course, the whole advanced rent payment of £300.00 will be returned to you, as per clause 4.4. 

4.4          If You do not obtain a place on a course at the University of Wolverhampton, this Licence Agreement will automatically terminate, and You will receive a full refund of any Licence Fee and/or advanced rent payment fee You have paid.  (Written confirmation of this refusal will be required from UCAS or the University of Wolverhampton.).

The Accommodation Hub will only refund the advanced rent payment upon written confirmation from the Admissions Unit that you have not been offered a place on a course. 

Month Administration Fee Charge To be Deducted from the Accommodation Advanced Rent Payment
September £200.00
October £200.00
November £150.00
December £150.00
January £100.00
February £75.00
March £75.00
April £50.00
May £50.00

Students Who Have Signed A Standard Semester 1 Licence

Month Administration Fee Charge To be Deducted from the Accommodation Advanced Rent Payment
September £200.00
October £200.00
November £150.00
December £150.00
January £100.00

Students Who Have Signed A Standard Semester 2 Licence

Month Administration Fee Charge To be Deducted from the Accommodation Advanced Rent Payment
January £200.00
February £200.00
March £150.00
April £150.00
May £100.00

Students Who Have Signed A Standard 52-Week Licence - (Month 1 is the month of your arrival)

Month Administrations Fee Charge To be Deducted from the Accommodation Advanced Rent Payment
1 £200.00
2 £200.00
3 £150.00
4 £150.00
5 £100.00
6 £75.00
7 £75.00
8 £50.00
9 £50.00
10 £50.00
11 £50.00
12 £25.00
13 £25.00

Once you have applied for your accommodation (via post, email or online) and your application has been approved, you enter into a licence agreement with the University. This means that a room has been reserved for you. 

Regarding what happens to your advanced rent payment, please click on the link below and follow the flow which applies to you:

 What happens to your advance rent payment?

If you are applying to live within University Accommodation and you will not be 18 when you arrive at Uni, there’s a couple of things you need to do to make sure you get a place in halls:

Firstly have a read through the Under 18s Policy

Then complete the Under 18s Application Form Information Pack (Word doc 63k)before your accommodation can be secured.

The guarantor form covers the financial side of things and will need to be completed by a parent/guardian. 

The guarantor form/required documents will need to be returned to your Local Facilities Information Hub asap so we can process your application, get all the admin side sorted and you can get set for life at uni.

If you are under 18 you automatically get allocated en suite accommodation – you might see this as a super bonus! But if you would prefer standard to save some cash you can apply to move rooms once you’ve turned 18.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to get in touch with the Senior Hub Manager at City Accommodation Hub or the Hub Manager at your local Facilities Information Hub.

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