Medical Mavericks

Medical Mavericks

Student Day Session

Hands on workshop where you can take blood, record and print an ECG, try keyhole surgery, see inside your body with an ultrasound machine and take a picture of the inside of your eye! Introduces dozens of careers in the NHS. 

The medical workshop activities include:

  • Record and print an ECG from your heart
  • Use a real needle to take fake blood from a dummy arm 
  • Try their hand at keyhole surgery 
  • See inside their body with an ultrasound machine (we show them their muscles, bones and growth plates!)
  • Scan their retina with a ophthalmoscope attached to an iPhone
  • Listen to their pulse with a pulse doppler 
  • See their veins under a vein scanner 
  • Experience different eye diseases with our pathology goggles ·
  • Take basic medical observations including, blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature


At Medical Mavericks we are opening the door to the world around the students we see, just enough so they can get a tantalising taste that will drive their ambition and inspire them to find out more. If they want it, they will kick down the door to open it further and do what ever it takes to run through it into a world they never thought possible.