Discover Smart Materials

Student Day Sessions

Materials Science and Engineering is a hugely important, yet often overlooked, part of our daily lives. Understanding how materials behave allows us to manage materials more sustainably and develop, and engineer, some incredible new materials. 

In the Discover Smart Materials workshop we will test a range of materials properties to better understand how materials behave and what they can be used for, how Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration to materials designers and then we will learn about smart materials (which do not always behave as you might expect!).

Discover Materials is a collaboration between a group of UK universities’ Materials Science Departments, the Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials, and other members of the materials science community. A career in materials science and engineering combines elements of chemistry, biology, physics, design and technology to improve the sustainability and performance of the things around us by developing new materials and processing methods. The key to changing the future is materials science.